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  • Terry L. Cross "Ter" - Rick Steves' Ireland 2013Bought this book recently. We are planning on going to Ireland in the spring of this year. We never go without Rick Steves' books when we travel. They never steer you wrong and are loaded with great information on pretty much everything you need to know when traveling outside the US. I would expect the Ireland book to be just as good as all the others.
  • E. Smith - Truly Amazing!This product really is amazing - it really works! I've never suffered horribly bad breath, but have had occasional bouts with it (typically when I'm super busy, don't eat right, and am drinking lots of coffee), and have the "typical" morning breath. Essentially my breath is probably "average". When I first purchased this I really had no idea what it was, it was on sale, and I was sick of the marginal mouthwashes at the drugstore. I don't really care for the typical drugstore mouthwash and the ingredient list in most of them is pretty horrible. I decided to try TheraBreath. The instructions on the back of the bottle are very elaborate, i.e. rinse twice, brush with their toothpaste, dip your floss in TheraBreath. I thought all that was way too much - it'd add another 5 minutes onto my morning routine! I simply decided to replace my typical mouthwash with TheraBreath - and that was it. The first time I tried it I liked it, it was just slightly minty and very neutral in flavor. By the third day I couldn't believe what a difference this mouthwash made! My mouth and breath felt fresh and clean all day long! Morning breath was significantly reduced too! I'd just been using it with my normal brushing routine, once in the morning and once in the evening. At this point I wanted to learn more about the product and what was in it. I spent some time reading TheraBreath's website and reviews on the Internet. I've been a diehard fan ever since.

    People with "average" breath probably don't require the elaborate routine recommended on the bottle. I don't. The product IS expensive, but it's worth it. I keep my eye out for sales and stock up (review the expiration date so you'll know how long you can keep it around - most of my bottles have a expiration date a year or two out). TheraBreath also has sales twice a year where you can stock up at a price per bottle that is less than half of retail. I highly recommend this product!
  • Michelle Freno "MinM" - You'll love and hate AmyThe best mystery I've read in a long time. There were many surprising plot twists, but all were plausible and well-done. But the most fascinating part of the boo in my mind is Flynn's dissection of popular concepts of long-term relationships. I don't want to include any spoilers, so I'll say no more. I like Natalie's review a lot, though, so if you haven't read this yet and want more detail, see: