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  • CJF "CJF" - Vast Right-Handed ConspiracyI love the Kindle in nearly all respects. I just wish it were either available in a left-handed version -- or had a second "select" button. It is great that there are page-turning buttons on both sides of the Kindle, but the essential button for selecting items or moving through lists is squarely located only on the right side.

    But overall, it is great. I now read hardly anything else anymore (books, newspapers, blogs) except on the Kindle.
  • Ann-Marie - Very inspirationalSoul Surfer is an inspiring tale of a strong, young woman who was able to overcome one of life's biggest challenges. Bethany Hamilton may have lost her arm in a shark attack, but she did not lose faith. She was able to get back on the board only a few weeks after the attack, and was determined to compete again. In this book, she talks about the pain and fear she experienced, and also about the love, fame, and fortune (that of which went to her medical costs) that she received as the news spread across the country. Initially, she did not enjoy the spotlight, but then realized that this was an opportunity for her to share her story and her faith. Her touching story inspired many people who were going through a similar situation, and helped them realize the good that can come from it. As a teenager, it is easy to relate to her and her story, and it should help people realize that some of the best things can come from the worst possible scenarios.
  • Frank B. Hall - Very interesting description of our war on terrorismVery well written and interesting book. It shows how the US Government has decided to win the war on terrorism by abusing the principles set forth in our constitution. Their rationale is "national security." It makes you wonder what surprises our government has next for us as citizens. I recommend it for everybody who is concerned about losing our civil liberties.
  • Tyler Redstone "Tyler" - Great for keeping tabs on my women, but didn't help me deal with AK-47 toting children of single momsMy experience with the Avery Durable View Binder has been fantastic, and that was even before I was informed it could be filled with women. Great for organizing things, I can now corral all my women with ease, and make sure they're home by 5 to cook for the kids. Even those feisty ones who want to stay working till 7 can't resist the allure of my alpha-male binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring. The only downside is the pockets aren't big enough to keep the kids of single moms straight. They keep running amok with their guns. Otherwise, I highly recommend this binder.
  • steve - well worth the buyhave wanted to use norton for my computers for a while and finally bought it, have tried several other brands but time to give norton a chance. user interface very easy to use and run, so far no problems installing and useing it and as a added bonus buy and older version is a better deal, as soon as activation you get a free upgrade to newest version. very nice of others to quote that saved me 30 or so dollars.