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  • Melissa - I Thought I knew the WHOLE Story...I, like many of the world watched the news of the disappearance and return of Elizabeth Smart. Details, after details emerged over the years-so frankly, I thought I would not find
    this book interesting since I thought I heard it all. After seeing a media appearance Smart gave just recently, I decided to take the chance and download the book- I am glad I did!
    There are several inspiring messages beneath the details that we all can gain. One inspiring message: that despite the past,or personal devastations, we can recapture our happiness and create our lives to be as abundant as we desire! Being a fellow author (Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's Daughter) and a survivor, I applaud her courage, and vulnerability to be candid. Her book is beautiful!
  • hjpool08 - finally helped my tummy troublesAfter suffering from the after-effects of cdif (bad bacterial problem)for about 11 months, a doctor recommended that I try Align. Although i still got sick a few times after taking it, my symptoms drastically decreased, and I eventually got my intestinal track back where it should be. Even now, over a year after starting Align, I am not planning on stopping. The few times I have forgotten to take it, I could tell a difference! If you go on an antibiotic or are having intestinal issues, I definitely suggest it!