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  • b-rad - Good Prep guideI like the guide a little late on the review but it helped me out. This alone wont give you everything but it was fairly easy to use and understand. I would def put this in the top 3 to study for the ACT. If you have been out of school for a while this helps alot to "remeber" things you may have forgotten over the years.
  • Matt B. - I love this bookThis book has a great concise view of just about everything that you will need to study for the MCAT, I use it every day, when new you also get a digital version of the book for your phone & tablet and a bunch of online resources. The only thing I wish it had was more questions but to have a concise book with all of the material and how to go about solving the problems, this would be a great MCAT book to keep for your pre-MCAT studies.
  • Gordon Runkle - A real kick in the nadsRadley Balko has meticulously documented one of the greatest threats to the American Experiment; the rise of highly aggressive, militarized police forces. Moreover, the range and scope of this aggressive new attitude means that every one of us is at ever higher risk of running afoul of violent government action - regardless of our innocence.