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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 95405 Santa Rosa, California

  • J. Vick "Shad" - Truly Wonderful MilkI was looking for a book on Amazon - when I saw "Tuscan Milk". Honestly I thought it was a joke because of some of the sarcastic posts (and the fact that it was "milk" on amazon...c'mon. But the curiosity was killing me so I added it to my cart, clicked checkout and was on my way. When I saw the shipping was so high - I almost bailed - but still the curiosity won. I expected maybe to not get anything - or perhaps some card or toy with fake milk jug or something.

    Well - today there was a knock at the door. I open it up and there's a big cardboard box with "Tuscan Milk" on the label. I bring it in open it up and there is tons of insulation bubbles surrounding a styrafoam cooler. I cut the straps to the cooler and open it up. Now I'm realizing - this is really milk. The box was hot but inside the cooler was freezing cold. More insulation around the ice packs and I find the gallon of whole milk.

    I take it to the kitchen and immediately pour just a little into a sauce cup (just for a taste). Wow - just the best milk I've ever had. I should have never started on this skim and 1, 2% stuff. Good old whole milk and "Tuscan" is even better. I'll admit - it's probably not any different from any other Whole milk - but it did seem a bit more creamy and thick. The taste was fantastic and my wife keeps raving about how great the glass of ovaltine she had just was. I say - ration it baby - slow down.

    We are whole milk drinkers from now on - but we need Tuscan to make it's way to Salt Lake City - I'm not shipping it from NYC anymore at that price.
  • Loyce G. Melton "savings searcher" - This is a "MUST TRY" product!When I applied New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment to my cold sore, I instantly felt the medication starting to work. I experienced a tingling sensation and the pain of the cold sore immediately went away. I did not experience any pain from the medication itself like I had experienced from other cold sore products I've tried in the past. I am incredibly impressed with this cold sore treatment!

    I immediately noticed relief from the pain of my cold sore the instant I applied this medication to the site of my cold sore.

    New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment is, BY FAR, the best treatment I have ever used to date! It is the only cold sore treatment, so far, that I was able to immediately feel and notice that it was working as soon as it was applied.

    I am already a "DIE-HARD" fan of other Orajel products and after trying New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment, the results I got from it decided it for me that Orajel products are the only ones for me and I can't wait to share with family members and friends how this product worked wonders for me! I am going to encourage everyone I know to buy this product so they can experience for themselves how new Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment was like a MAGICAL product! I will be going out and stocking up on Orajel products and I am also going to purchase a lot so I can pass them on to others and I'll be sure to tell them that once they try it, they will not want any other product!

    "I received a free sample of New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360"
  • J. H. Rives Jr. "Colonel, Retired" - exciting story and great guide bookAs usual, Dan Brown authored a fantastic book filled with suspense on every page. Having visited Florence, Venice, and Istanbul, I found his descriptions geographically accurate and historically interesting. As a devoted fan who has read all of his books, I was expectantly pleased with the flow and theme of this book. For background prior to reading it, I would recommend first reading Dante's "Devine Comedy". I chose to read it in prose rather than poetry for ease of understanding (I do not care for poetry). I chose Dante's Inferno: A Retelling in Prose by David Bruce. It is well done and beats the 14,233 lines of Dante's original.
  • Ryon Stewart - Fantastic First Parent PurchaseMy wife and I recently had our first baby girl and throughout our first few weeks as parents, we have had plenty of unanswered questions. Fortunately for us, this book has ALL of the answers. It was recommended to us by our pediatrician and I would have been happy had we paid twice the price. The book is very thorough, straight-forward, and seems to have exactly the information that we require. From prenatal care to toddler first aid, this is your go-to "how to be a good parent" book.
  • Ryan Kelley "Professional Shark Tamer" - Perfect for financing on my MacBook...QuickBooks 2012 for Mac is a really useful tool for keeping your finances in check. I added this to my new Macbook Pro and am very happy with how easy and simple this is to use. It has a plethora of features that come in handy for creating fast, convenient ways to monitor all of your bills and accounts.

    It allows you to search by keyword for customer or vendor names, transaction types, amounts, dates, and more. The incredibly powerful filters allow you to refine your results and you can even access recent searches and save searches for future accounting sessions. This feature comes in very handy for high-maintenance users who are constantly going in and out of the program.

    In addition to the new features I mentioned above, QuickBooks 2012 for Mac also simplifies multi-step tasks like Progress Invoicing, creating multiple invoices from a single estimate over time.
    As a small-business owner I've been using QuickBooks for over 6 years and 2012 is easily the most compelling Mac version to date. Intuit assures me that the company is committed to QuickBooks for Mac and that it plans to update it for future versions. I highly recommend.