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  • Shanghaied - To Communicate, Not InnovateDivision Bell is probably my Favorite Pink Floyd album, even over Dark Side of The Moon. I understand that the general mass of people would not agree that Division is Floyd's best material. It is unlike anything from the late Water's era in that it does not have that ultimately dark, experimental sound to it that Animals or The Wall had. Still, I think it's unfair to underate this album based on lyrical accusations and I think it's even more rediculous to say that the music, especially Gilmour's guitar, is "watered down," as the introductory editorial for Amazon suggests.I don't want to patronize too much with obvious details, but this album is generally about how recognition between one individual and another and vice-versa can break down through a fundamental lack of communication and/or understanding. It's a very adequate concept considering the complete breakdown between Waters and the rest of the band, and I think all Floyd fans know some frustration that differences in this matter could not be circumvented. As in Momentary Lapse of Reason, the lyrics seem to be geared as compliments to the music rather than the dominating focus of the album. However, this album lyrically is a step up from A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and the words seem far more relevant and honest.I can perhaps understand someone claiming that Gilmour's guitar in this album is "unfloydian," but to say Gilmour's guitar is "watered down" seems unfair and innacurate. If you need proof of this, listen to track #5 "Marooned" on this album. This song features some of my favorite guitar work from any artist because it captures an admonition or a monologue without any lyrics. The song then becomes wholly open to interpretation by the listener. It is unpretentious and yet emotional, and gives a sound example of the type of guitarist Gilmour is and always has been. The guitar work lacks some of the experimentation present in other Floyd efforts, but appears unhidden, exposed and beautiful. I think that was Gilmour's intent in this album; to truly communicate rather than innovate. It seems unfair to criticize him for some personal expression, especially when it's so perfectly executed
  • Kenzie - It worked!I was getting Depo shots until recently my husband and I decided to try for #2. I wanted something to help me start ovulating/menstrating again so I took a chance on Fertilaid. I was very skeptical but I took it 3 times daily as instructed and with 9 pills left in the first bottle, I'm menstrating! I'm thinking prayer had more to do with it then Fertilaid but it couldn't hurt to try it.
  • Chris "I don't read, but I listen." - I love causing myself painI've been doing P90X for a while now, and by that I mean, I put on the DVD, tweet that I'm doing it, and promptly turn it off. Does that count? On the serious side, it's great, as long as you can put up with the cheesy remarks made by the ripped dude, and the ambiguous sexual innuendo that seems to hide around every corner of the dumbbell.
  • Miles - Though I disagree with some of his basic assumptions, I enthusiastically agree with most of his argument and his conclusions.I'm not convinced that the well-being of conscious creatures can form an objective foundation for a science of ethics, and I don't think he spent enough time and effort trying to establish that in a rigorous philosophical way. For instance, if we discovered that intelligent machines that were conscious but felt no pleasure or pain greatly outnumbered humans in this universe, I think that would throw a monkey wrench into his argument. I doubt that any ethics can transcend culture and history, and have yet to hear a convincing argument otherwise. But given our specific culture and history, I agree with Harris that we need more logical and scientific thinking in the cultural, political, and religious arenas. I'm also glad that this book explores new areas and doesn't just rehash the easy bashing of religion's absurdities like his previous two books. I especially enjoyed his accounts of free will and belief.
  • Brittan - One of best baby purchases yet!We ordered this chair to bring on vacation where we will be dining out with our 7 month old. Took it out of the box and its beautiful!! Ordered the orange, great vibrant color, soft yet sturdy fabric, very well made seat. I attached it to our breakfast bar to try it out as I was skeptical as to how secure it could be holding my 20lb big boy....it was easy to screw into place and would not budge as I pushed and pulled on it. I put my son in it for lunch and he loves it!!! He likes being at the table with everyone else. I think I will put his large high chair away as this is so much easier to just wipe of the table vs. Cleaning his whole high chair after a meal! It folds up nicely and comes with a case. Will be using this lots at restaurants and happy I dont have to put my son in a dirty restaurant highchair anymore.

    On a side note, ordered the summer infant Tiny Diner as someone else suggested(basically a placemat with suction cups and a lip/tray attached at the end) It works perfect with this seat to catch food that would fall in the space between the seat and table.

    Highly recommend getting this for your little one, very happy with my purchase!