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  • Heather "Book Lover" - Comparable to Steve Coll's "Ghost Wars"...it's that good!I'm only on page 54 of "Dirty Wars" so far and I'm completely hooked. It's kind of hard for me to put the book down, there's so much information in it. This book kind of reminds me of Steve Coll's "Ghost Wars..", it's that good. I recently got the opportunity to attend a speaking engagement where the author, Scahill, was talking about the book. He's a great speaker and wonderful to listen to. I'm recommending this book to friends and family. If you happen to be one of those people like myself who are interested in what the U.S. is doing in other countries that we never hear about, this book is for you.
  • Lauren Marie - I found a fix for the taste!!honestly, this product is amazing. It's the answer to a quick meal for those of us who are genuinely interested in treating our bodies with the utmost respect (not just popping pills and drinking a fake sugar-laden whey or soy based protein drink). It does, however, literally taste like vomit (i'm not saying it tastes bad, it LITERALLY tastes like vomit). HOWEVER, mix the 2 scoop serving with water (i do recommend using a little more than 16 oz as it has a sludge-like texture) and 1 packet of crystal light PURE (NOT the regular 5 calories crystal light, the PURE one which contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc but has more calories). It literally masks the ENTIRE bad flavor of the powder ... doesn't fix the texture so much but i'm actually a fan of it anyhow.

    hope this helps people make a decision who are on the fence and helps people adapt if they're forcing the meal down now :-).
  • jolene siana "author of Go Ask Ogre" - full of sOul"Dirty Blonde" is pure & honest. Courtney Love is a true artist. She hides nothing. In addition to the stunning presentation of "Dirty Blonde" this book, along with other books out there such as Sabrina Ward Harrison's "Spilling Open" and Dan Eldon's "The Journey is the Destination", Courtney's book shows us that we all have similar fears, hopes & dreams as well as failures & that we all have the ability to reflect upon them & express them creatively and that expression can lend itself to self-awareness. I think it's a lovely book that many people will enjoy. It's a keeper for sure as well as an interesting documentation of our times.
  • Laura Williams - Zag is Great!As a Marketing student, I really enjoyed ZAG. It is a book I highly recommend for any person who wants to know about brand marketing. The book goes over step by step approaches about brand differentiation, and provides great examples and illustrations. This book is not just for students, but any business professional who needs help with marketing. Not only is it well written, but it is a quick read for busy professionals.