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KFx Drug Consultancy Initiative - Learning of Substance - KFx is a drug consultancy initiative run by Kevin Flemen. It seeks to balance a large amount of common sense with up-to-date harm reduction and drug policy information.


Country: Europe, GB, United Kingdom

  • CADD Master (Robert) "CADD Master" - Very good format and very informativeA lot of books I've bought in the past were not put in a good intuitive order. This one seems very well thought out. It's ordered in a good work flow. Files are available for the example to work through. It has a lot of good information which makes it a valuable tool for learning Inventor 2013.
  • Sherri - Perfect for my IBSI take one every morning and it keeps my IBS-C in check! The gas pains have lessened and my BMs are more regular. Of course this isn't a miracle pill, you still have to maintain a healthy diet, eat a lot of fiber and drink plenty of water for optimal results. I also take peppermint pills and drink aloe juice which all works very good. I no longer have to take Amitiza which made me feel dizzy & high (in a bad way). Thank you align!
  • K. Brandt - ditch the loserThis book helped me see men more clearly. Very powerful! Really opened my eyes to the type of loser i was sweating over! I feel so much better about myself after reading this. And i haved stronger aspirations about not only my life but about the men that i will let into it from now on! I deserve so much more than I was allowing myself--I am truly grateful that i purchased this. A must read for all women who have ever been treated poorly by a man--Never again!