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  • Richard Garbett - Coldplay Live!!After my second live Coldplay concert in excellent box seats at the Hollywood Bowl in May 2012 this purchase was a must.
    It is great to blast this out of the surround sound system in the living room on the 60" LCD and just relive the concert experience.
    The quality of the recording is great and I would recommend this to any Coldplay fan.
  • Lisa McGeen - Truly Heartbreaking!While I knew the basic idea behind Still Missing I was still surprised and blown away by the power of this story. Because this story is written in Annie's therapy session with her doctor it is clear right from the beginning that Annie survives her abduction but what happens as the story unfold is nothing less than disturbing and painful. On the day that Annie is abducted she has an open house and plans for dinner with her boyfriend afterward. During the open house, her mother contacts her about a coffee pot and they get into a disagreement. Annie is just closing up after a very slow day when she sees a van pull up and she is excited that someone is interested in the home. Little does Annie know that her whole life is about to change. The book take the reader through the event of the abduction and the time that Annie is held captive by the man Annie refers to as "The Freak" as well as what is unfolding in Annie's life now that she has returned, which has not been an easy adjustment that the things that are uncovered blew my mind. What "The Freak" puts Annie though was very difficult to read, it is raw and disturbing. It was very hard to get through at times because of the level of detail that was provided, I know and understand that it was necessary, but that did not make it any easier. I expected this and really only this from the story but was pleased to find that the reader was given breaks from the painful parts of the story with what is happening in Annie's life now that she is back home. The reprieve made the book much easier to get though, but also made me not want to put it down because as the details of the events that lead up to the abduction start to unfold I was amazed and blown away at just who was responsible for the plan. No matter how off track it got, the person responsible is the very last person that I had expected. I actually think that discovering who was at fault made the story many times worse in my mind.

    Chevy Stevens writes in a powerful way and in a style that made this topic tolerable. The rawness of the topic of abduction and just what happens when someone is locked in a house with no windows or connection with the outside in difficult to even understand but Chevy Stevens presents the facts and experience in a first hand manner that allows the read to understand yet detach themselves enough from the pictures painted that while painful to read it makes you want to find out more and get to the root of what is going on. There were tear for me at more than one stage of this book. That being said there were also times that I was excited for Annie and found her to be such a strong woman. Despite being broken, she does not lay down and just let someone else trying to solve what happened she takes an active role in finding out who was responsible for ruining her life.

    I highly recommend this book, yes it is a tough and painful read but it is also very worthy of the time and earns every bit of hype that is out there about it.
  • Miranda - Fantastic product!I love Wen! It's nice to order off here because I can order as needed and not have to use auto ship like the Wen website to get a good price. I have used the original scent before, but I enjoy the pomegranate scent much more. It smells great and not too strong. The product shipped faster than expected and I was very pleasantly surprised. I will order from the same shipper next time, for sure! Great great product, my hair feels fantastic!
  • Kristi - Get Back On TrackThe title of this review tells it all. What most artists are lacking is someone to tell us that it's okay to be doing what we are doing and to learn how to incorporate that into our everyday lives. Julia Cameron does this! As you read each chapter you begin to notice an inspirational flow to your everyday life. As you complete the exercises you begin to say "WOW, look what I can do!" I found myself 'starved' for each new chapter and couldn't wait until the next week when I could read some more. I have also found that her recommendations are ones that most successful artists use. Not to say that I did falter here and there along the way with my 'morning pages'. . . but I soon learned to love them and now right 'night pages' as well. My main recommendation would be for anyone who needs a little (or I should say a lot) of inspiration or maybe some direction to get back on track. I'll definitely be keeping this book to refer back to in the years to come.
  • Christine W. Seip - Just in time...I've been worried for a long time about my daughter. She's been hell-bent on going to college and getting a degree in public health, and eventually becoming an epidemiologist. Nothing I said could deter her from this unmaidenly pursuit.

    Then I bought her a package of these marvelous pens. She sill insists on going to college, but has decided to focus on getting her MRS degree. I feel fulfilled as a mother, and it's all thanks to you, BIC!