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  • Charlie - I like the computer, but,I hate Windows 8. The computer is set very fine, when it comes to the cursor landing on an icon. The program begins before you have a chance to hit the left button. This causes the wrong program to work, since you "brushed" over it. I have solved this problem by adding a wireless mouse. I know the computer is designed with a finger pad, but the mouse gives me much better control, and the programs only begin when I hit the button. The mouse overrides the finger pad, but both still work at the same time. The laptop was priced nicely, so that is why I bought it. I would have gone with a tablet, but the price and hard disk capacity were the main factors why I went with the laptop.
  • Chacha - Good!Excellent agenda for those who need to organize appointments from jobs or doctors and spells!!!

    It came very fast, when I saw it, it's more than an agenda. You're gonna find, spells, info about a festivity. What color it's good to wear everyday, moon phases. It's very complete.
  • Suzanne - Elderly User DifficultyI bought this for my 83 year old Grandmother two months ago. It was a struggle for her at first to get used to Windows 8. She is enjoying it now, but uses mostly the desktop option. I'm still trying to get her to use the apps.
    Overall she likes the laptop and keyboard layout. The touchpad is very sensitive and has two finger functions which she is still trying to learn.
  • Austin Hudson-Lapore - Great if you like word puzzlesI like this calendar quite a lot. There are some legitimate criticisms - the majority of the puzzles are not really "Mensa-level," as they are either too easy or require facility with wordplay or pop culture rather than legitimate intelligence. The calendar is also dominated by the word-based puzzles, leaving little room for other types of brain teasers. All that said, though, I'm genuinely impressed by the variety and ingenuity of the puzzles. Too many of these page-a-day calendars have only a limited set of puzzles that are rehashed a couple of times per month with only small variations. In this one, though, some of the puzzles are very clever and quite unique. For example, one puzzle gave you a few sets of five seemingly arbitrary words each. The task was to figure out rhymes for each word such that the five rhymes all fit together into a category. That is, you would be given a list like "blue pork warts gleams: hankies, sweats, fix, defiance" and the answer would be "New York sports teams: Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Giants." Really fun, interesting, unusual puzzles like that, combined with the fact that the bulk of the more "standard" puzzles are pretty good in their own right, are what makes this calendar worth buying, and probably will again for the 2013 edition.