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  • Happy Reader - An Absolute Life Saver for Parents of a Diabetic, But It Has More Than That!A year ago, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This means we have to count carbs. The hospital recommended The CalorieKing book for counting carbs, and it really is a great book. The original book is a small paperback size, with print to match. It's OK with my reading glasses, but I was overjoyed to find that they publish a larger print edition, also.

    The Larger Print Edition isn't the LARGE print that you see in a large-print novel. But it is LARGER print, and I really appreciate it. The size of the larger print book itself is a little bigger than the regular CalorieKing edition, but it's still paperback book size. Easy to store in a purse or glove compartment or backpack.
    size regular print 6 7/8 " x 4 1/4 "
    size Larger Print 7 1/4 " x 5 1/4 "
    Both books are the same thickness, a shade over 1/2"

    CalorieKing deserves it's reputation for thoroughness. The main reason you'd need updated editions of it is if you eat out a lot. It can be very difficult to estimate carbs in restaurant food. Each year's updated menus of the larger restaurant chains are welcome. But as far as grocery food, the apple and broccoli carb counts won't change from year to year, and packaged groceries will always have a label telling, among other things, how many carbs per serving.

    To give you an example of what a lifesaver CalorieKing is, I took a trip last year with my son, traveling by air. It was fantastic to just look in this book and total the carbs as he ordered a meal from Arby's in the airport food court. It couldn't have made it easier!

    Though we use this book for carb counting, for each item you are given three values: the total calories, the total grams of fat, and the total grams of carbohydrates. Examples:
    Chicken -
    Chicken Bacon & Swiss: Crispy..............600.........27.......55
    Chicken Filet: Crispy..............................530.........25.......52

    Banana (weight with skin):
    1 small (6", 4 per lb), 4 oz.......................90..........0.........23
    1 medium (7",3 per lb), 5 oz..................105..........0.........27
    1 large (8"), 7 oz...................................120..........0.........30
    1 extra large (9"), 9 oz...........................135..........0.........35
    without skin, 1 oz....................................25..........0..........6

    What I've done with bananas, is kind of average all these counts, to make it easier. Now we measure the banana and figure 3.8 carbs (grams) per inch. Pears come out to about 3.5 carbs per oz. Apples to 3.2 per oz. And to measure the food in ounces or grams I can highly recommend the reasonably priced, easy-to-use, great little scale made by EatSmart: EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, White

    For different size portions, you extrapolate. The book states that a 7 oz pear is 25 carbs. If your pear is 11 oz, then its carb calculation:

    11 oz divided by 7 oz = 1.57 (the 11 oz pear is 0.57 larger than (or 157% of) the 7 oz pear)

    1.57 x 25 carbs for a 7 oz pear = 39 carbs for the 11 oz pear

    The calculations, until you get to the point where you can eyeball sizes for an estimate, can be tiresome, but that's how it goes. To have this marvelous book to give basic carb counts is invaluable.

    Very handy book. I bought one copy for each glove compartment, one for each grandparent house, one for the house, one for my purse, and one for travel!
  • Azcowgirl - Three weeks in...& in LOVE!First, I would like to say I ordered this based on the amazing reviews, which is why I feel I have to leave one.

    I am almost 30 & have had problem skin since puberty. 5 years ago I was sure I would "grow out of it" but of course, that wasn't meant to be. My skin is pale, freckled, combination, extremely sensitive & prone to every kind of acne possible (whiteheads, blackheads, cystic, etc.). I ride horses, hunt, hike, garden, camp, etc and spend a lot of time outside in the sun, wind, snow, rain, whatever & my skin hates me for it, but its my life & I refuse to stop! I have tried every drugstore wash, proactive (worked for 2 years then suddenly stopped working), SkinID (worked well enough most of the time), and oil cleansing. OCM was my last endeavor--tried it for 5 months & everytime I thought I was getting my oils right & getting the hang of it I would have a horrible breakout. I even switched to a gluten-free, sugar free diet to help my skin (which actually does make a huge difference).

    After Christmas and the worst "time of the month" breakout I've had in YEARS. I'm talking 4-5 gigantic cystic welts on my face at a time, I decided to give up OCM & did some research.

    The first week of the regimen was hard. Making my skin change back from oil to chemicals really seemed to make me break out more that week, but I knew I had to stick with it. The second week is actually when my skin became the most dry, I added in jojoba oil at night with the moisturizer & it helped greatly, Week 3, I have seen NO new breakouts, all the old stuff has almost completely healed, and I'm getting a good handle on the dryness. It is so strange to see my face without makeup on and my skin looks good! No redness, all the same color and healthy looking! Scary!

    I have a history of horrible hormonal acne around "that time of the month." Just went through that WITHOUT A SINGLE BREAKOUT! Never. That has never happened ever.

    Even so, I am still skeptical. I have had amazing results to this point & hope to update in 6 months & report the same thing. Time will tell.

    My thoughts: Try it. Yes, it is more than I really wanted to spend, but no more than SkinID or Proactiv. Read the directions carefully & follow them thoroughly. Don't touch your face (or do so as little as possible) throughout the day & definitely don't pop your pimples (a bad habit I've had a hard time breaking). This stuff will heal those so there's no reason to do more damage by opening your skin up. I have not used as much as the instructions say. I use one pump of cleanser--it lathers so much I see no reason to use 2, and I use 1 or 1.5 pumps moisturizer--it takes so long to rub in & I really don't want to stand there and moisturize my face for 3 minutes. I want to follow directions & I want it to work, but I am also into making it last. If I stop seeing results or if I don't continue to see results then I'll bump up the amount!

    Best of luck!

    ***Update 9/23/13--
    7 months in & still using the products with great results. I follow the directions to a "T" and get maybe one pimple worth noticing a month. I also started using 1/2 moisturizer and 1/2 AHA at night and that seems to help my skin's smoothness and greatly reduces flakiness. SOOO much better than anything I have ever tried and I remain extremely satisfied with the products!
  • Brooke - Impressive Floor PlanI am a Senior Move Manager and Stager and used your floor plan designer for the first time last month. It was easy to learn and very user friendly. My clients were so excited when seeing their floor plan with all their precious antiques and favorite furniture placed in their new home. It made it easy for my clients to know what to leave behind and what to take with them when the movers came to give a moving estimate. Then, of course, the move was seamless. We already knew where everything would go.

    The applications were nice because I could input wood grains and colors in order to see how rooms would actually look. It was easy for my clients to identify each piece because I could even add fabric design. The move went smoothly, the new home looks beautiful, and my clients are very happy.

    I would highly recommend this made my job much easier!
  • K. Patterson "disgruntled citizen" - Activated My Reptilian DNAIf you want to sip from the teat of the Annunaki, then you have come to the right place. After my first, creamy 8oz serving, I noticed an ever-so-slight change in my perception. By the time I reached the end of the jug, purged my bowels and left the bathroom, I had an overwhelming drive to burrow into the hollowness of the Earth's core. I resisted, and instead began to enslave my neighbors.

    I find that if I allow my humble minions a drop of this precious elixer per day, they are more apt to do my bidding and help me take over the planet come this December 21.

    Thanks, Tuscan Milk! Enki salutes you!
  • Peter Thatcher - This more than back pain: it's about correct posture, and this book is the best.I love the book, but the title is all wrong. It should be called "Fix Your Posture" or "What Posture is Supposed To Be".

    The book does a fabulous job of comparing Modern/Western/Adult posture to Ancient/Child/Asian/African posture. It does so with wonderful diagrams, clear descriptions, and lots and lots of great photos. The summary is that young children, ancient cultures, and some current cultures all have great posture, but adults in modern cultures, especially in Western cultures, have terrible posture. Most of my life, I've been sitting, standing, bending over, and even walking wrong! Here are some of the ways:

    * Walking and standing: Most of us hunch over. Sitting straight is correct, but we even do that wrong when we try because you have to get your hips aligned correctly first.

    * Bending over: Most of us bend our back, which is actually quite dangerous, especially when lifting. Keeping the back straight and bending the legs is better. Bending at the hip is even better.

    * Walking: This one is harder to explain, but most of us stick our legs forward and then pull our body forward, and a lot of our weight lands on our toes. It's better to push your legs back and keep the weight landing on your heel, like when you're skating.

    The key, as far as I can tell, is in the hips and shoulders. Once you get those right, everything else falls into place. I tried correcting myself before reading this book, just from reading things online, and it was a disaster. I made myself sore and tired.

    Now, I've been following the directions and excercises in the book. It took a few weeks to finally "get it", but now it seems natural to hold my body correctly. Although some muscles are sometimes tired (probably because I never used them before), I haven't experienced any real discomfort in the transition. I'm still working on many things, and have a long way to go, but I'm happy with the results so far.

    The change is subtle, but once you get used to correct posture, if you try and go back to incorrect posture, it feels akwards and even hurts.

    I never had any back pain, but I'm happy I've been able to transition to natural and correct posture thanks to this book. And, it will probably save me from future back pain that I would have experienced since it's so easy to hurt your back by bending and lifting incorrectly.