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  • Kara L. Sanford "Kaleigh" - Magnificent!Wow! I spent 3 days absolutely inhaling the first 2/3 of this book, and I must say that it is my favorite of the three so far. My cousin has been recommending that I read this series, and I finally got started in November. I really can't get enough. The depth of the story and the historicity is really incredible, but the love story of Jamie and Claire is truly spectacular. Though it saddened me that they were apart for 20 years at first, I quickly got over it and sat in one position until I got to the reunion. Jamie in his 20s was something, but I have to say Jamie in his 40s is obsession-inducing. The trials he went through during the years he was apart from Claire has added dimension to the character that has only made him even more covet-worthy. The story, likewise, is very exciting, almost too exciting! It can get a little stressful, but that just keeps me glued to the pages until whatever fiasco Jamie and Claire find themselves embroiled in is over. I am just lost in this book. If you loved Jamie in the first two, you will fall even more in love with him in Voyager. Boy, wouldn't life be great if there were enough Jamies to go around!
  • Neil Stahl - It worked for me!Pardon my plain speaking but I want to make clear why I used this and what it did for me. For years my BM's usually had a good consistency; not runny not hard. Then I was urged to take a stiff round of antibiotics (unnecessary, as it turned out) and for months afterward I had constipation problems. I dealt with it by eating prunes and tried raw sauerkraut and the recommended yoghurt, and that helped but didn't solve the problem. Having read about our biomes for some time, I was sure the antibiotics had knocked out my good little critters. I decided to try a probiotic supplement. I happened to have a coupon for Phillips, so tried it. After just a few days of taking one pill a day I (we) seem to have gotten back to the good old days.

    I do have to wonder about continuing to take it. Shouldn't it establish itself in your gut and stay till the next time something untoward happens to it, at which time you could take some more pills?
  • Deborah - Works well and best of's quiet!Thanks to all the great reviews, I'm glad I decided to give this hair dryer a try!

    I agree that the controls being on the outside of the handle is a bit awkward. However, this hair dryer is quiet and that's exactly what i was looking for. I didn't notice that it took any additional time to dry my hair, nor did i experience any awkward noises.
  • Jason - You have no idea what this cable can do; it does EVERYTHING!I know what you're thinking: "$500.00 for a single, stinking cable!?" Well, let me tell you what this bad boy can do, and then make your decision.

    First, don't be fooled by the simple images on the product page. The ends look like simple RJ45 connectors, but somehow they fit into the following plug-ins: RJ45, Bluetooth headsets, car cigarette lighters, 110V wall outlets, RJ11 connections, and every single UPS every created. This puppy conducts AC, wind, electromagnetic, static electricity, DC, Earth Wind and Fire, solar, and the sheer awesomeness of Brian Johnson from AC/DC. Enough of the technical specs; let me tell you the possibilities of this cable.

    After hooking up my DVD player, my 6-port router, my VCR, my DirecTV satellite, and my Wii (yes, all with this one cable!), not only did everyone on my block suddenly have a LAN connection capable of fiber-optic speeds, but I was able to play a record in my DVD player, DirecTV is now receiving live NFL Sunday Ticket broadcasts from the 2030 season (Go Bears!), and my penis picks up a wireless signal whenever I'm within ten feet of the house.

    On top of all that, my stereo now goes to eleven!!! This is a can't-live-without product. Buy it now; it's well worth the price.