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  • rawg0821 - Great Stroller!I did a lot of research on strollers. I was most concerned with reliability, safety a smooth ride and I will admit it the looks of the stroller. I really didn't want to spend a fortune on it as I didn't think it was necessary and I don't love the patterned, floral or two toned look that many strollers have. I love my b-agile. It is really easy to fold up, is pretty compact and "drives" nicely. The only recommendation I would make is to order the cup hold that can be attached as it doesn't come with one and it became really annoying trying to shop with the stroller and having no where to put my drink or little things you want easy access to.
  • LT73 - The Haters' bias has certainly clouded good judgement...The Haters' vision has certainly clouded good judgement. This OS it not only beautiful, it is incredibly easy to use, versatile, and fun. There. I said it. Bring on the "fanbois" comments. I have big shoulders. I have been in the IT industry for 14 years. I have been building computers for 20 years. I own Apple products (Macbook Air, 21" iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.). None of my Apple products hold a candle to Windows 8. None. Period. Windows 8 offers the best of two worlds: Tablet mode which I want when I am consuming/playing (i.e. Surfing the net, playing games, social media etc.) and desktop mode when I want to get something done(i.e. Work on a spreadsheet, Word document, Organize files/folders, etc.). I probably should not be surprised to see all the haters taking shots at Micro$soft - After all, they are an easy target. That said, it's difficult to argue against what Microsoft has delivered here. I give this product a 9.8/10. I would have given them a 9.9, but I had to create my own Shutdown button in the task bar.
  • Aleksija "Aleksija" - Change your LifeI feel I should start this review with a disclaimer: Don't start reading this book unless you're ready for a radical change to your American way of living. The crazy thing is, as Shaun Groves pointed out in a blog post of his, If you're a christian this is not a radical lifestyle. It's normal. The problem is, we have become so used to living our abnormal, Pharisaical lifestyles (yes, even me. So much me), that books like David Platt's are out there, extreme. I was so convicted. I was in tears. If you're sick of putting God in a box, Radical is for you. If you're sick of the American Dream, Radical is for you. If you're sick of living your life in a "white-washed tomb", Radical. Is for you.

    Buy it.

    *I was offered a free copy of this book in exchange for my review*