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  • Ryan P. Joseph "fishrule85" - The best PC game of all time is back!Don't listen to the whiners complaining because this game requires an internet connection to play. The beauty of Diablo IS the multiplayer and item trading, and this version does it better than ever before. Countless game play improvements in the twelve years since Diablo 2 makes this a truly worthy sequel. The combat is absolutely visceral, monsters go flying through the air from the force of your blows, and difficulty scales extremely evenly from the introductory Normal mode to the grisly Inferno difficulty. If you don't buy this game the only person that's missing out is you, not Blizzard.
  • AaronSki Mac-e-Mac "AaronSki Mac-e-Mac" - takes time to get controls downtakes time to get controls down but once u do a lot of fun takes time to unlock plays r u can pay for it best graphics ever seen on a tablet game