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  • MichiganAlum - Sony has done it again!Sony did it again with its fourth generation gaming system. The console is simply incredible and we're just scratching the surface at the capabilities that the PlayStation 4 can achieve. The games have been great overall, but I fully expect them to be amazing going forward. I really have no complaints about the PlayStation 4 and I'm definitely having a blast playing mine. If you don't have one than I'm not sure what you're waiting for!
  • Julie B. Rieth - Just what we needed!Despite many therapy sessions and doctor appointments, my husband and I were still at a loss as to how to control our son's angry outbursts. The Total Transformation Program gave us clear actions to take, words to say and validation for our expectations about behavior. While the transformation does not happen overnight, I see progress and I feel so much more in control of my actions and reactions. I feel like I have a plan now, and I can see more clearly my role in the relationships and behavior. I've put the lessons on my iPod and refer back to them regularly. I'm always reminded of actions to take and ways of responding that apply to new situations that occur. Every parent can benefit from this training. James Lehman is a wonderful coach!
  • Aqudrey Ann Criss - Great Product for African Americans with Relaxed Hair !I have extremely short hair which I relax every six weeks. I have been using Wen for about 2 years. It is fabulous! Can't do without it. My hair feels great and looks better than it ever did in the past. This product gets me into the perfection level! Get compliments on my hair daily! Try it! Guaranteed to win you over. I would not consider using anything else.
  • Barry Holiday - Daddy's Gonna Change His TuneWell I must say, whole milk has never been my cup of tea. It could never quite fool me, actually. Even if it's heated up, I'm still quite aware of the fact that it's just hotter milk, and not tea whatsoever, no matter how adamantly people argue. "My mouth, my rules." "My milk, my tea," is my other saying, which is a bit different from the previous saying in the sense that I'm not grouping them together, but instead saying them as if I pointed to one, then to the other, and wanted to share my sense of ownership. But never the twain shall meet, as it were. Am I right?

    All that being said, Tuscan Whole Milk has really given me a new perspective on all this, and for that I give it five stars. It's just shy of being life-changing.
  • Kitty delVon "Theatre buff" - This book and the exercises in it changed my life!!!!I love this book and recommend it very highly for anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery, self awareness, self esteem or creative awakening. I am now living a purposeful life with my authentic self. I am healthier, happier, have better relationships, am more loving, etc etc. The Artist's Way kick-started my journey.
    Thank you Julia Cameron!