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Locum International Group - Generic Drug Journals, Generic Drug Handbooks, IAGIM, e-Sops , Dops - Locum International is a Pharmaceutical Research and Development Companyspecialising in drug development, scale-up, validation and regulatory affairs in the ANDA and NDA global market. Incorporates IAGIM, a Drug Development Association publishing Generic Pharmaceutical journals and technical HandbooksGeneric Dosage form Know-how and Off Patent Innovative Drug Development


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 90232 Culver City, California

  • Joanne of Joanneunleashed website - Easy to set up and configureI got this through the Vine program because I needed anti-virus software. I don't want to spend a lot of time figuring it out. Other anti-virus software I've had contained error messages that I just didn't understand. Should I block or not? Turn this on or not? The help files were often not helpful at all.

    This program took a while to install. I had to first remove all other anti-virus software. Then after installation it told me to update the virus database. I was then presented with three big buttons to press. I scanned my system and checked for potential configuration problems. Kaspersky identified about 13 dangerous settings in my Windows configuration and explained clearly why they were problematic and how to correct them. I also had to update some software. Kaspersky linked to the potential software problems with links to download upgrades.

    What I really appreciate are the help files and the explanations. I understood what the problems were and how to fix them. The help files are pretty extensive, and the first time I looked something up, I got an answer quickly that I understood. I really like the interface with its intuitive layout and a help link for every option. Installing and configuring this software is pretty much a no-brainer, which is pretty much what i was looking for.
  • Audra Price - Great productPurchased this for my 9 year old for his bday. We went through 3 android tablets (cheap ones) and I decided to purchase this one and he loves it and I am loving it as well. I am more of android person and now thinking about Ipad Air.