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  • CTMom "lt22222" - Perfect for Lego LoversThis a great advent calendar for the Lego lovers in your family. We've gotten these in the past & they are always full of small, quick activities & Lego "sets" that will integrate with your existing Lego City pieces so the kids can use them for a long time to come. Lego never goes out of style from the oldest to the youngest kid at heart.
  • Linda E Washer - Great information, easy to read & understand. To me the information makes so much common sense. We are not getting enough oxygenGreat information, easy to read & understand. Everyone should read it! I'm drinking the distilled water with H2O2 to see how well it works. I don't have cancer or at least I haven't been told I do. Though I did smoke for 33 years & quite a little over 16 years ago. I haven't been told I have any major diseases, but have had allergies and sinus problems all my life that it seems to be helping. Hopefully if there are other problems that I don't know about it will ward off any possible health problems. Which cancer is a concern from after smoking for all those years. My Aunt quite more than 30 years ago & now has terminal cancer. She doesn't want any treatments since she's about 90 years old. It just seems it can show up even after years of not smoking so I thought maybe it might be a good idea to try the information out. Especially since the "cure" isn't expensive & could help save a lot of medical bills down thhe road. My mother actually bought the same book from somewhere & I read her book & purchased 3 book from your web site so I could keep one, give one to my daughter & have one to pass around to people who might be interested in reading it. You just have to be careful of the "Food Grade H2O2" not to mix too strong & if the pure H2O2 gets on your skin full strength it strings & turns your skin white after being on your skin. To me the information makes so much common sense. We are not getting enough oxygen into our blood stream (especially with my sinus & allergy problems) & one of the things the medical doctors tell you to do is getting exersise. Well when you exersise you are breathing harder & taking in more oxygen. They also use oxygen pressure chambers to help with different medical issues. So if by drinking the distilled water with a few drops of Food Grade H2O2 can add oxygen into my blood stream (I can't exersise because of knee & back problems) that could help ward off additional diseases & medical bills I'm willing to try it! (I wish this had spell check !!!)
  • GGinPA - Needs Updating for Today's TechnologyWhile the book has been the definitive resource for random numbers for the several decades since its original publication, it is seriously outdated. When the first edition was printed in 1955, we were still in the age of vacuum tubes and punch cards. How quaint that the list should be generated in base 10. For the 21st century, we need something beyond the mere reprinting of this archaic volume. In that spirit, I have undertaken the task of converting the random number list into hexadecimal, a more appropriate format for today's computers. It is, of course, critical that the two formats be precisely mathematically equivalent, preserving the true randomness of the list. Here are the first 50 digits, first in the original decimal and then in the new hexadecimal format. As can be seen, the two are perfectly equivalent representations of the values of those digits:

    Dec: 10097 32533 76520 13586 34673 54876 80959 09117 39292 74945
    Hex: 10097 32533 76520 13586 34673 54876 80959 09117 39292 74945

    I intend to publish this new list in the near future.
  • Rebecca Brown "rebeccasreads" - re-thinking our sexualityPart I of PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS poses several important & unsettling questions among which are:
    Why do we fall out of love & our relationships fail?
    When our "perfect" match leaves, why are we so crazy?
    Why are women & men at such odds with each other?
    Having gotten rid of our sexual hang-ups, why do we suffer sexual hangovers?
    How can we make enduring love as well as sustainable relationships?
    How can we break the spell of biology?
    How can we exercise saner sex?With scientific research, wisdom from the Ancients of the East, personal stories, & healthy doses of humor in the form of aphorisms from the trenches of the battlefield between the sexes, PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS is an accessible guide for all Readers who know there is something unhealthy, unsatisfying & unexplained in their failing sexual relationships. Remember, 50% of all American marriages end in divorce, & no one knows the % of relationships which never make it to the ring stage.Part II of PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS is the How of healing what has tied the best of us up in knots for most of our sexual life. Offering ancient, tried & true exercises in a joyful, stressless way. ... recommends PEACE BETWEEN THE SHEETS as an earnest & hopeful, intelligent & amusing adventure in re-discovering our sexuality. It then shows us how to open our hearts & re-train our bodies & minds to re-create healthy sexual relationships.
  • kolohe - good and bad, ye ken?I stumbled upon Outlander several years ago and loved that lengthy novel. Jamie and Claire stayed in my mind and I often found myself, apropos of nothing, wondering whatever became of them. The love and friendship they felt for one another went far beyond that of the typical bodice ripper, and Gabaldon's details and (mostly) accurate portrayal of the 18th century were excellent.

    When I found Dragonfly in Amber I immediately began to devour it and have never been so moved by a sequel. Since it was several years after I read Outlander, the beginning scenes set in 1968 and the shifting narration felt a little disjointed and confusing. It began to flow, though, and once again I found myself captured by the tragedy and love in the two characters' lives. Throughout the book, I had a sense of foreboding and felt distraught at the thought that something might happen to separate these two. I had to skip to the last page (which I never do with books!) just to reassure myself. Even knowing the end, I found myself crying over the farewell scene (which I also never do with books!). I had to know immediately what happened so I bought Voyager and stayed up most of the night reading it.

    Voyager picks up almost exactly where DIA ended, with Claire learning that Jamie did not, in fact, die at Culloden. She continues her search for more information about what happened to him afterward, and this 20th century story is interwoven with the events occurring immediately after Claire went back through the stones. Reading a "Jamie-centric" perspective is a welcome change from the normal first person, as we follow him over the next years--from his living in a cave, to his imprisonment, to his fathering an illegitimate child. Overall, though, is the sense of loss and longing between the two and the love that has never ended. When Claire decides to go back to try to find him, it seems both irresponsible (leaving her daughter behind) and the only possible thing she can do. Gabaldon is wise enough to make these characters have new, unknown complexities upon their reunion, rather than sticking the same twenty-somethings into older bodies and expecting us to believe their feelings are exactly the same. Both are changed and wiser, and we experience the challenges of rediscovering each other alongside Jamie and Claire.

    Somewhere past the halfway mark, though, I began to grow restless. Yes, the life of an 18th century Jacobite traitor/smuggler/warrior is bound to be complex and difficult. But do we need to see them thrown into every possible adventure of the era? Do we need to watch them sail across the Atlantic to encounter the same set of people from their past? Do we really believe that Jamie is literally impossible to kill? In addition, many things are vague and left unexplained, such as why Jamie is suddenly the captain of French soldiers, and whether it's Jamie or another Highlander who is the cause of Miss Campbell's madness.

    In all, this was both a heartbreaking and an uplifting story and made Jamie and Claire come "full circle." To me, this is a logical place to stop the series, and I am content to let them live on in my mind without further forays into improbable adventures.