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  • Shawn K. - Cutch For MVP!What really needs to be said about MLB The Show 13? Great athlete on the cover, great graphics for a handheld and tons of replayability. Start a franchise or my player, play in the HR derby with PS3 guys or even play online. You can do it all here for $20! Pick this up or throw yourself in an insane asylum!
  • WriteMeFancy - GREAT EYE SERUM - but avoid buying from mall kiosks!First things first: This eye serum is amazing.

    Secondly, avoid the super hot Israeli guys at the Vegas mall kiosks! Their prices are way too high compared to Amazon. However, I will not take away any stars for that - I blame myself. These guys know they are charming and use it to their advantage. I paid such an exorbitant amount for the eye serum and facial peel that I'm ashamed to specify it here.

    Anyway, this product is practically perfect for me. The areas around my eyes are severely dry and often peel. I've even tried prescription medication from a dermatologist and that didn't even work. So many eye creams make my eyes tear, burn, itch and peel. Nothing ever worked until I used Gratiae Replenishing Eye Serum. It's very gentle on the skin and the moisturizing/hydrating effect lasts all day. If you're going to use it in the morning, I suggest giving yourself time before applying makeup as the product takes a few extra minutes to be absorbed into the skin. It feels amazing after a nice cleansing wash (whatever cleanser you use), and my eye area has never looked and felt better. I love it.

    I've been using my 1.02 oz bottle for over three months now, and even though I paid way too much, I feel like I got my money's worth. A little goes a long way. I will surely be buying more off Amazon.
  • M. Ian Riggall - Excellent golf ballThe pro at my club recommended this ball for my slower swing speed. Shot 75 the first day using this ball (my index is 8.6 for a handicap of 10 on this course for a net 65!) and have seen excellent ball flight control and distance since. Spin on green is not as good as the Pro V1, but half the price and more shots to the green from the short grass and from closer to the green makes up for the spin.