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  • David G. Schwartz "I like reading more than w... - Great interface, solid protectionI got this installed on my desktop earlier today--took some time to check out the bells and whistles, and this looks like a solid anti-virus, anti-everything product. Uninstalling my previous AV took about 10 times as long as installing this, and so far it's performing very well. If anything interesting happens pro or con, I'll update this review.
  • I. Jefferson "worm" - Awesome Product!I'm soooo relieved that I found this product! I happened across the video on aol where the item had been featured on The Doctors t.v. show. I've always had problems with odor and recurring B.V. and I never knew how to manage it...precription medicine has never worked!

    Recently I'd been doing more research about how to address the root of the problem which is bad bacteria weighing out the good bacteria and your V's inability to fight it properly. That search led me to the discovery of hydrogen peroxide douche, which had been working really well. Hydrogen P. promotes healthy bacteria while raising the body's PH level high enough to kill of bad bacteria. HOWEVER, I was aware that douching wasn't good because it pushes the bacteria into the cervix which can lead to PID and other complications. That is when I discovered Waterworks which is a reverse douching system. Instead of forcing the water upward it flows downwards and when you combine that will the quality grade stainless steel, then you have a wonderful product!

    It has been working SO well that I haven't had the need to use the peroxide at all! :) I'm currently 4 days into using the product and it worked immediately on day one!

    I am now able to reclaim my life. The embarrassment that I've suffered for the past 10 years is finally gone. I feel comfortable going to the gym (and stretching) and most importantly having a healthy intimate relationship with my husband. This product is a VeJayJay savior! :)
  • D. Speer - Denon AKDL1 Dedicated cableOne of the things nobody mentioned is purchasing the automotive adapter kit which starts your car with a dead battery. The uses for this cable are unlimited with the

    adapter kit which can be purchased at any local car parts store. $39.99 new. A company in Japan is starting up soon to begin production on both items for much less than

    the regular price.
  • BRIAN MICHAEL KEAST - Incredible resource for both beginners and professionalsIf you're on line looking for a author that knows how to teach, how to empathize with beginners while relating to professionals, you've found him. Curtis Waguespack has the ability to articulate, even the most complex issues, in a conceptually manageable way. Curtis Waguespack starts with the basics but not with a "dumb-it-down" approach. He starts into the complex, keeping in mind his comprehensive goal of your eventual thorough understanding of the software and it's capabilities. With each step, your understanding of the more complex aspects of the software become more clear. Some books just give you the "feel good" steps where learn how to make a 3D model within a few pages but they lack the in depth explanations that this author gives you. With the appendix, the book is a 1000 pages long and he's not kidding. It's a 1000 pages of "applicable to real life scenarios" information. Now if all you want to do is learn the basics and not get too far into the things such as material lists, iLogic, assembly design workflow or writing code, you don't have to. This book allows for going back over, revisiting the areas to expand on, and continuing to learn. This book even covers Inventor Studio and animations to a much larger degree than some of the others. Now, if I had to put some "cons" in there, just so you don't think the author is a personal friend and this review is written by his mom or something like that, here goes; if I had to criticize one thing it would be that it became clear at some points that the text was from a previous printing because there were references to figures that weren't there or procedures that didn't apply to the current software. There were a few points like this, but not enough to make it a problem. In fact, in one situation, I worked the entire day to solve the problem and I ended up learning more from the misprint. In defense of the author, I'd have to conclude that there are massive similarities from year to year concerning CAD software. To weed out only the differences and make all the corrections needed due to changes that the engineers had made within the software, is genius in itself. These CAD programs are so big that even the engineers don't know the entire program; they know the area they work on but the program is just too big to know everything. This author is as close as it gets to knowing everything. It would not surprise me in the least if this author had a bumper sticker on his car that says, "Those of you that think you know everything are annoying to those of us that do." So like I say, those few non-relevant printings were not worth the time complaining about. Well, I hope this helps and yes, I use this software professionally in my own business. My request would be that this author write an in-depth book on iLogic. No one out there as written anything except the bloggers. Yeah, you're right; some of those bloggers are pretty sharp though. Great book.