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  • Brenda Frank "Eclectic Reader" - Complete Protection and MoreI have used Norton Internet Security on my computers for several years with nary an incident and complete satisfaction. Norton 360 2013 Premier gives you the Internet Security with some PC Tune-up features, so I was tempted by the upgrade.

    I loaded on two computers, both running Windows XP and already loaded with Norton Internet Security. I found that installation of the Norton 360 from the CD was much simpler if I uninstalled the Norton Internet Security before loading the new, Norton 360.

    The Norton 360 exhibited no adverse effects - no slowdown in booting up, email, or running programs. I love having the Identity-Safe system that saves and protects passwords. Who can remember the myriad user names and passwords? I haven't used the backup because I already have a remote backup system.

    Anti-virus, identify protection, anti-malware, Internet security are necessary facts of life. Norton makes a great product that takes care of all these needs competently giving you ease of mind.
  • Audie R. Sadler - sd cardPerfect for tablets , cellphones and cameras. Love it. Recommend this item for anything. Will buy more when I get the chance.
  • T. Bragg "movie lover" - At home in MitfordJan Karon is a gifted author. The characters she creates become your friends. When I read these stories, I am in Mitford, I can see the shops, the church, the rectory She shares real life events. I love the references to classic literature and that Father Tiim is a romantic and loves the old poets. Ihave read the first two books especially over and over. I find companionship and joy in these pages and lovely warmth and humor. WONDERFUL *****