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  • Country girl - Love these things!I have a summer place w/out electricity, and get tired of boiling pots of coffee all over the stove. However, I do have a very nice generator that I can kick on and make A CUP of coffee in about 2 minutes, without having to clean up the entire porcelain stove every time. No bells and whistles, just good coffee. Showed up in 3 days. It's a keeper.
  • sonibill - You will only have buyers remorse while it is being shipped...Went back and forth for about 4 months trying to decide to buy a mini or wait or buy a nook or wait or buy a kindle or so on... there are just so many tablets to choose from. Went ahead and invested in a 64gb model which I wouldn't normally do. Happy I did. The ipad goes with me everywhere and consolidates everything I need to do on my laptop as well as providing me much needed entertainment/productivity while I am on contract living in American Samoa. Yes, it can get boring here on the island and the iPad mini lets me read the news, ponder books, study topics, communicate, and basically feel connected to everywhere else in the world. Did I have buyers remorse? Only during the 2 weeks I had to wait for it to get here to the island---now I'm trying to think of a reason to get a black one too. :)
  • J. Coyle - FiveLac works great!I've tried several products for Candida and this one is the best. It is easy to use and tastes good. I especially needed something for my daughter to take that she could take without swallowing a pill. The FiveLac is the only thing I could find that she would take. She was having trouble with sore joints, panic attacks and having trouble gaining weight. Her symptoms are gone now and she has finally started gaining weight. I didn't do as well on the FiveLac until my doctor suggested that I may also have food sensitivities. She tested me and found I reacted to over 20 different foods. Now that I know what foods to avoid the FiveLac has done a great job of controlling my Candida symptoms.
  • Anne M. Helmenstine "azareal" - It Actually WorksI tried this product on a whim about 3 years ago to remove a mole on my face. I was concerned about scarring, which seemed likely with surgical options. The original instructions did not call for scratching the surface of the mole so all I did was apply the product and cover it with one of those small band-aids. The mole was discolored the next morning, plus you want to keep the stuff on it, so be prepared for a few days with the band-aid. After a couple of days the mole turned black and fell off. The area healed easily and the area around the mole was untouched. I had a light area where the mole had been, but after a few weeks it wasn't noticeable at all. The mole has not returned.

    Now, since then I have tried to remove other moles, with mixed results. In all cases the moles came off, but about half the time they came back, though sometimes smaller and lighter and never any bigger/darker than they were in the beginning.

    The product is a dark reddish paste, so it is a little messy to use. It burns a little when you apply it, although I did not find it to be distracting or too uncomfortable. It may not work for everyone, but I was very happy (and surprised) by the result. To be honest, it looked sort of scammy on the website, but it did what it said it would.

    I've looked into bloodroot (the active herb) and it seems to be safe for external use. At least, it has a long history of use. If you're thinking about surgery it seems like it might be an inexpensive thing to try first.
  • Shela Aetherius - Very cool!I'm an accounting student, and I noticed that QuickBooks was not in my school curriculum, but experience with it is one of the primary requirements for most jobs in the accounting field. I went ahead and bought it (significantly cheaper on than it is on the Intuit website) so that I could mess around with it and get some experience with the program, and I gotta say, I love it!

    I set up my household like a business. My husband's paycheck is our revenue, household bills and purchases are our expenses, our kids are our employees (chores in exchange for an allowance), and we even use it to keep track of our assets (car, house, expensive furniture and electronics). The more I play around with the program, the more I get excited about my career goals.

    Word to the wise: it doesn't use the same format as what we've been learning in my accounting classes. What's cool, though, is that you can record debits and credits in the journal (which should be linked on the startup page, but isn't), and it automatically records the transactions in the accounts. There's a few things I would change about the interface, but someone who doesn't have any knowledge of accounting would find the program extremely useful and easy to work with.

    I know people have been having problems with some of the visual changes, but since I haven't used the previous version I don't really notice. I guess change is annoying, but the functionality is excellent, and that's what really should matter the most. I don't think any visual changes are deserving of one star like people have been giving it.