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  • P. Susi - Better than I thought it would beBefore I bought the Tab2, I had to check out tablets in general at a local electronics store to see what the keyboards were like. A few minutes with the Tab2 10.1" convinced me that I would have no problem typing on it. It has met all my expectations. Clear image, easy to use, lots of apps (like I need them all) and long battery life. The downside is that you need an adapter for a USB device. Not a big deal, but why not have this built in? But, overall, so far so good.
  • S. DeJaeger - A New Way to Look at Weight LossI saw the author on Doctor OZ and downloaded the preview part of the book enjoyed it so much downloaded book. Not done with it yet, but makes sense.

    She gives alot of examples of different clients in her book, which makes it a great read.
  • Lucinda A. Stelly "C. Stelly" - Had to see it for myself to believe...Yes, I had to see it to believe it. This is an essentially painless and effective hair removal system with long lasting results. I have coarse dark hair that would grow back very quickly after shaving. I always hated to shave and would almost always end up with a shaving rash. Lately, the rash had been getting worse, so I started trying cream hair removers. Everything I tried seemed to cause skin irritation, no matter how hypoallergenic or gentle the label promised. When I found this system, I researched it for weeks before I purchased it. I thought the testimonials were too good to be true. But, out of desperation, I purchased it, along with a replacement cartridge. You can do about one and one half treatment cycles with the first cartridge, so it is a good idea to order a replacement cartridge so that you can complete the total six week treatment cycle. Just shave your legs, pop in a movie, and do the treatments once every two weeks for three treatments. It really is painless, easy, and effective. What else can I tell you? I even have a great bikini line for the first time since I started shaving (even though I am past the age where a bikini is my age, it would be more like a quote my daughter). So if you are sick of shaving your legs and underarms, try this. Don't order it if your skin is too dark, or if your hair is blonde or gray. It only works for golden to pale skin tones with dark hair follicles. Read all the precautions and warnings before ordering or using.