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  • Tonig - NYC Love fest...........inspiring!!I am a long time follower, LOVER of Hony and all that Brandon stands for. My book arrived and I immediately leafed through it - I had to stop because I knew that would never do it justice - you need to relax in your comfy chair and read and study each and every thing - the pics, the captions and even the "lack" of captions as one person commented - study the pics people, that is the real point here! I think this book and it's layout is genius - Brandon started on a journey that seemed to be leading nowhere and in fact as you will find out in this book has lead somewhere inspiring and wonderful. This will be my "go to" gift book until his next addition is published! Keep it up are a very special man - we are all proud to be a witness to your work!
  • Peter Jay Gould - Change your diet = save your lifeOne night in 1977 I awoke with what I thought at the time was a bad case of stomach flu -- only it never went away. For the next twenty years I lived with nausea, diarrhea and a host of other unpleasant symptoms that got steadily worse as one physician after another threw up their hands saying they couldn't find anything wrong. By 1997 I was barely able to function. I had given up on conventional medicine (which had labeled my problem "irritable bowel syndrome" which translates to "sorry mate, this is the rest of your life") and had tried every self-help book and every branch of alternative medicine I could think of without success. In the intervening time my problem had expanded to include severe motion sickness: I had to give up my private pilot's license; commercial air travel was agony, even with medication; I couldn't even ride on a train or bus. And I could never be farther than about two minutes' dash from a bathroom.Enter "Breaking The Vicious Cycle." As others have commented here, it looked daunting at the outset: a complete dietary change involving lots of preparation. But I was desperate, so I did it. Within one week, my symptoms were under control. Within a month, they were nearly gone. Now, a year and a half later, I have my life back.I won't say it's easy to change your diet this fundamentally, at least at the outset. But after you've done it -- and after you feel GREAT again -- you find two things: (1) it's worth it; and (2) it's not NEARLY as difficult as it seems when you haven't done it yet.THANK YOU ELAINE GOTTSCHALL. I have no idea what kind of shape I'd be in today without you. But considering where I was headed -- it wouldn't be pretty.
  • James M. Coffey - A must-read no matter what side of the political aisle!Ann Coulter presents a provocative and controversial look at the effect of race in politics in the last five decades - as usual she does not hold back, and all assertions are backed up by fact. Ann scrutinizes the pre-conceived, usually unquestioned notions of racism in the United States and how this false perception of a racist culture causes disastrous decisions on the behalf of American voters. In 2008, many (too many) voters based there decision solely or primarily on race. What has that led to? A president who has spent trillions of dollars for which we have reaped nothing and led an administration that is feckless, incompetent, and dishonest.

    Do not vote this November until you have read this book.