Welcome to Medical Cosmetic and Spa - Clinics in Gloucestershire & Wiltshire - The Medical Cosmetic and Spa provides medical based cosmetic beauty treatments including anti-ageing, hair removal, cellulite and fat reducing therapies and thread vein management in clinics located in Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire and Swindon, Wiltshire.

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City: Gloucester, Gloucestershire

  • The Savvy Sailor - All that and a bag of chips!My husband works in film, and watches at least a film a night. His sensitivity to color and light is so finely tuned, that when it comes to selecting tvs, I stay out of it. He took weeks to decide on this purchase, but from the night we hooked this one up (Quite easily, I might add!) we have been thoroughly satisfied.
  • insecta rebecca "*< :)" - Can't say "I love it" enough!The foundation, blush and mineral veil from Bare Escentuals have changed the way I feel about make-up. I absolutely adore these products and would never go back to over-the-counter drugstore brands. It always looks so natural and feels wonderful. As it wears throughout the day, it really stays true and looks natural. I never have to worry about it settling into creases or getting clumpy-looking. I often carry the mineral veil with me when i go out, but I very rarely have to re-apply the powder, even though I live in southern Louisiana where it is super humid!

    One suggestion I would make for this product- especially if you have dry skin- is to apply your moisturizer, let it rest for a few minutes on your skin, then use a make-up sponge or your fingers to apply the foundation powder to your face. The Bare Escentuals video recommends using the applicator brush for this purpose, but, since I use a heavier moisturizer than most, the make-up can become unevenly distributed if I use the brush for the foundation step. Once the foundation is on, then I use a brush for the blush and mineral veil steps with no problem at all.