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  • Alan Deikman - The truth keeps comingSusan McDougal is an unlikely hero. Afflicted with her own poor decisions she tells how she was swept up in events that landed her in jail and the unwanted media spotlight.There is very little in this book about the Clintons, which is noteworthy in itself. Even the OIC was forced to conclude that there was no crime partnership between the Clintons and the McDougals, in spite of everything they could do to force Susan McDougal to testify that was the case.The big question has been, which this book is about and answers very well, why did Susan not simply testify the truth as she now tells it to the grand jury, and thereby save herself the better part of two years in jail? To find out get and read the book. I was fully convinced.This will be unwelcome reading for the hordes of Clinton-haters who will always be convinced that the Clintons were never exonerated, that they simply "got away" with it. The pattern has been so far, as with Conason & Lyons book, as with David Brock's book, as with most other recent books dealing with ultra-conservative perfidy, to simply ignore it as much as possible. Or perhaps pick nits and find one or two small errors and claim complete fraud thereby. Don't be fooled, read it for yourself and decide.Politics aside, the story itself is quite compelling. About half of it has to do with background and events that have nothing to do with Whitewater. With very little work this could be morphed into a Lifetime-TV-for-women script since it matches the pattern so well. (Which is, a noble-but-naive woman is afflicted by all sorts of hellish events but comes through in the end older-and-wiser and gets her life together. Unfortuantely most of the bad guys get away in this one.)As I said, a good true-life story.
  • theosdoren - 6 stars out of 5!!!!!!!this tablet is great, fast, powerful, and great to look at! the only problem is I've never really used android before this and Google does not provide tutorials on how to use it, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the Asus Transformer Prime.
  • stacy - Dermatend WorksI went to a dermatologist to get some moles checked out and some were scheduled for surgical removal, even though they weren't at a high risk of being cancerous. I actually cancelled surgery because I didn't want the doctor to remove this one mole on my lower tummy. It is perfect to me and has not changed, ever. I looked into natural mole removal and came across Dermatend. There were some good reviews and some not so good reviews. I decided to try the product, since there was a 60-day money-back guarantee. I followed the instructions exactly how they were and removed moles. I even documented two of my larger moles on my forehead, as posted on Facebook. Type in: Dermatend - Review - Removes Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags. The moles have not grown back, thank goodness! The product claimed to remove up to 15 moles but I removed 26 throughout my body. There was no pain and no scarring. People do not even know I had moles where they used to be. If I had to point to the exact spots where the moles were, I would not be successful. This one mole on my nose was removed and grew back about one week later. I re-applied Dermatend and the second time it worked. I have not had any other problems with this wonderful product. I used the Quick Healing Balm, as well as 100% Pure Vitamin E oil to speed up the healing and prevent any scarring. Once the first tube of Dermatend was used up, I purchased a second one, with the balm. I had a lot of moles and now I am nearly mole-less. Oh, and that beautiful little birth mark mole I refused to have removed by the doctor is still with me.
  • Deborah Rondeau - The PLan Works IFThe Plan: Eliminate the Surprising "Healthy" Foods That Are Making You Fat--and Lose Weight Fast

    The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas I finally can to realize that to make this work, one should read the whole book/instructions before starting. I tried to just follow the daily Plan and found it not working as well as advertised . So I sat myself down and actually read the book. I realized that I was introducing new foods to fast not giving my body the chance to recover from reactive foods before trying something new. I have since started over and am having amazing results. so Please if you try this Please read it first and see how and when to introduce new things and what to watch for ., they can be quite subtle some times. good luck to everyone on The Plan