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  • Paul Kimelman - Excellent range, good sound, call-blocking feature is greatGot these to replace an older set whose batteries were all failing. Cost of new batteries was more than a new system.
    Selected this set in part due to the call-blocking feature. This allows you to save annoying caller numbers to be blocked if they call again. You can have it not ring on the 1st ring so it never rings if these people call (caller ID is picked up after 1st ring). This has reduced telemarketing calls dramatically (and we are on the federal list - it has not helped).
    Most features can be set only once and they propagate to all of the handsets, which is good.
    Note that you have to manually turn off "audible caller ID" where it says the name out loud. I do not like this feature and so had to turn off on each handset.
    Answering machine works well and is easy to use. The listen mode is interesting: you can listen while someone leaves the message from the handset and pick up if you want. Like you would use if "screening" from the base but this can be done from the handsets too (when not near the base).
    The sound quality and range is very good with these. They adjust their power based on distance and this works even if walking around.
    These are easy to carry around - the shape is comfortable to hold.
    The only negative is that you cannot get a normal ringer sound - all of them are musical types but the "two tone" one works OK for me.
  • Roberto Espinoza Guzman - excellentthank you for this product, I am very happy and I use this product in my tablet or in my smartphone
  • S. R. Rowell - Great showthis is a great show. It keeps getting better as the season goes on. It is a mix between and action and drama with a lot of humor mixed in. if you like Joss Whedon's other work (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Avengers) you really should check this out.

    that being said, don't expect the Avengers to be in the show. This show focuses on the human members of SHIELD and how they help hold things together after the events of the Avengers movie. They deal with people with powers, but they are generally the bad guys that they have to stop.
  • LPT "LPT" - If you loved Hunger Games and Divergent look no furtherEKKK this is exactly what dystopian young adult fans have been waiting for! This book was action packed from start to finish. From the very beginning of the book we are left wanting to know more and more. Not only are the characters one of a kind and compelling we are never sure who we can trust. This book creates a fun, new setting that any dystopian fan will love. A perfect blend of action and romance. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out in January. If you loved Tris and Katniss you will love Cia.
  • Michael Grace "Mikey47" - Excellent Political BookThis is one of the best presidential campaign books I have ever read since the Teddy White's "Making of the President" series. The facts in the book are sourced, the interviews are taped and accurate and no one from either political party has challenged the factual statements in the book. Balz had amazing access to the leading political candidates from both parties and their political hired hands who gave him lengthy interviews during the most pressure-packed moments of their campaign. I can only assume that Balz must be highly respected by both right-wing and mainstream political professionals. Most interesting is to read the interviews with candidates prior to their announcements, during and afterwards. The statements they make during these pre, during and post interviews are a combination of spin and scam. They are most candid, of course, after their candidacy crashed and burned. Even Romney's post election interview still shows a ting of "I can't believe I lost." Clearly, campaign methods have changed, but I wonder if any campaign will ever have the time and money to replicate what Obama's people did in 2014.