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  • Drew "techno nut" - Great Product but...Norton Internet Security 2012 is a great product. The only problem is with the 3 PCs. If using that type you have to install on three units at the same time. I haven't had three computers before. My wife has a netbook and notebook, me a desk top. Since I take care of them, I figured that since the netbook's Norton I.S. 2011 expired in February I could use one of the three PC's Norton 2012. And as the others are coming to an end now in June, I would have a year's worth of protection by installing now. Nope, I only have the remaining 245 days. So buy for one-at-a-time or loose previous time by installing all three PCs now. If you don't download using the same product key from them too, changing the key on the new install you loose the remaining days. Since the price won't help buying singles. I paid $20 for the 3 PCs, but some prices are around $12 for one PC. Live and learn. One forced benefit is, now all three will expire at the same time.
  • Lisa - got pregnent in 10 daysmy boyfriend and i have been ttc for 6mos and still nothing i surfed around and found fertilaid although i was skepticali tried it althoughi didnt find out i was pregnent till a month later altrasound showed i was preg. in november wich means after taking the pills for 10 days we concieved.
  • MYLILY - This IS working for me.It is working VERY well. If you intend to lose weight, you DO need to do the weight loss amount (4500 mg). While I haven't noticed much loss in pounds, I HAVE lost fat...and it has been noticed by others as it isn't just me! I prefer the powered form but the capsules are convenient at work.
  • Cathleen Mccormick - FascinatingThis great story tells a little-known side of the effects of civilization coming unraveled; of what happens when chaos ensues. Beautifully written, this story tells of the heroic deeds of a man of faith, the unintended consequences of his deeds, and the struggle of so many families in New Orleans. Sobering, chilling, sad and at the same time, uplifting.
  • Nancy Ball - Following my family's results!Over a year ago my brother who struggles with alcoholism and diabetes called me to say he and his wife were going to try this hydrogen therapy and lent me the book. After a month my brother went in to see his doctor for a check up and was asked what had he been doing because his blood glucose was perfect? In fact everything was perfect. Now just over a year later and my own husband has been diagnosed with Diabetes, but now is willing to do something about it. We read Wheat Belly and have cut out breads, pastas, and cut out potatoes with good results but are now ready to start the hydrogen therapy!