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  • buffalo gal - Better Deal on AmazonAs mentioned in many of the other reviews, I also purchased this product from a kiosk at an upscale mall, where they offered the "deal of the century" for 3 products. I participated in a trial of the product and noticed a difference, so I made the purchase. I noticed it was running low, and did not want to spend a stupid amount of money on a replacement. I thought I would check online and, to my surprise, I found it on Amazon for a fraction of the price. The product works, I don't regret the absurd amount I initially spent, but am thrilled to find it at a reasonable price on Amazon. The product is very silky and soaks in slowly. It makes a difference: the lines are finer, and the puffiness is reduced. I have a lot of allergies to beauty products, and have not had an issue with this product, especially on my eyes. I can highly recommend, and especially so at this price!
  • MotorolaDave - This stuff is simply amazing.Ok here's the drill...this stuff really works. I'll be the first one to tell you that prior to taking FiveLac I didn't believe in holistic "crap" like this. Eating healthy? Never in my agenda.
    After 8 years of feeling overly tired all the time, having constant nightly headaches, and dozens of doctor visits someone told me about "Candida."

    First time I heard about Candida I thought it was a load of crap and was highly against anything to do with it. Well I got to point where I was desperate and decided to give it a try. I went on the Candida diet strict for two weeks and started to feel better...but still didn't feel all of my symptoms went away. So I decided to try use FiveLac after just a few days taking 3-4 packets a day I felt like a whole new person. I'm serious. My life is totally different now! I have tons of energy now and I haven't had a headache in weeks. I seriously love this stuff. I thought i'd spread the love by writing this review.

    If you are thinking you might have Candida and can't seem to get a leg up on it then just give this stuff a try. It seriously has changed my life. I feel normal again.

    Thank You FiveLac!