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  • kevin c - Great security systemUnlike the Norton I used to have, this one works so much better. It responds quickly, gives you excellent feedback and updates and does not take up as much memory and my computer function as Norton. I also get good idea of what the threats are instead of more vague notifications by Norton. Love it.
  • Christopher lane - version .this tablet does NOT come with version 4.1.2... it comes with 4.1.1 and theres no update available for it yet.
  • Gerry Neeson - Had to write this review!I was a MS Money user for years. The last 4 yrs i thought i didn't have enough time stay on top of my bills like i should(kids, work, life). Upon looking for a new personal finance program, i looked into MS Money. When finding out that MS was dropping money i looked into Quicken. While reading the reviews i wasn't sure that i wanted to purchase Quicken due to the poor reviews. While not haveing any real alternatives i bought quicken deluxe 2011 and LOVE IT!! My downloaded Balances have been correct, which is a huge plus and it's extreamly easy to use. I love it and I hope this review helps you alittle.
  • Katarina - 2011 Writer's Market along with any future years to be issuedEverything "The Writer's Market" puts out is an absolute must have on your shelf of -go to books. It is so packed with important, useful, and timely information that I don't know where to begin. Whatever you are writing this book covers it along with helpful hints and ways to avoid pitfalls. You will find yourself going through it over and over again as unanticipated issues arise.
  • Laura Anselmi - Definitely A Must Have If You Have a 2012 Jeep Grand CherokeeNotice I said 2012 - these mats fit my 2012 Jeep GC Overland perfectly. No gaps, no slipping, no holes that don't line up. Imagine that. 2012 mats for a 2012 vehicle. What a concept. I had slush mats for my 2003 Jeep Liberty, and they definitely helped with the trade-in value - no doubt. So when I bought my new Jeep, these were a must have, and although some reviewers complained they didn't fit, mine were fine and will be a great addition to my vehicle. Don't hesitate if you want to lengthen the longevity of your carpet. Oh, and don't forget to remove the factory carpet mats PRIOR to installing. Genuine MOPAR parts at a great price. My local dealer was charging $40 more - no thank you. Amazon Prime came through again!