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  • T. Patterson - Sascha and LucasSascha is Psy, a group of unfeeling beings that survive by a mental link to each other. As Sascha has grown older she has realized she is not quite like the other Psy, for some reason she feels emotions, but she has learned to hide them well...or else face the punishment of the Psy community. When she is assigned to work with Lucas on a building project she finds all of her hard earned control may have been for nothing.
    Lucas is a changeling, a race of beings that can transform into animals, in his case a panther. As the alpha of his pack its his responsibility to find the being responsible for the murder of several changeling women in his area. When they realize the killer is a Psy Lucas is determined to do whatever is necessary with Sascha to uncover the psychopath.

    ***This book was well written with a great plot. The author has a huge imagination to create a world like this and to keep it consistant. Lucas and Sascha really steam up the pages, Lucas is a perfect match for Sascha...bringing her out of her cold world and into a world with warmth and passion. I recommend this book and will be checking out the next in this series.
  • Ruth B. Ingram - I think I love it.This is a dandy willmaker. It has an instruction book that scared me toothless. Then I realized that it contained little nuggets of knowledge for all 50 states, which made sense so then I kept on reading. My doctor and I have discussed the situation and now is the time for starting to make my final determinations since I am such a slow study. This software is so complete and I learned about contest exclusion, if you contest the will and you are named in it you lose anytime given to you in the will. I love that one and I am still working on my will. Although mine is pretty simple and straightforward I am sure that others will have more details to work out. Very helpful softward and book. I HIGHLY recomment it to those without 600 to 1000.00 to throw at an attorney for a very small estate.