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  • Winifred L. Howard-Mullins - AWESOME!!!!Definitely the best concert I've ever been to. So much so, that my husband and I decided to go to New Orleans to see the concert a second time. Now a year later, listening to a Sade CD last night, I was trying to re-live the concert because it was just that memorable and AWESOME! Time to order the DVD. KUDOS TO SADE. KEEP MAKING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER.
  • Heather McGinnis - Does what it's meant to doIt's a tiny book, but it has a good amount of common medications. It lists medications by their generic name, (so you better know that name) as opposed to the trade name. It also has a section on drug classes; drug groupings by problem (ex: wound care); and common medical abbreviations. It isn't bulky and you can keep it in your pocket. For my own use, I broke the binding about halfway through and keep it in my storage-clipboard at the hospital so I always have it on me. I use it everyday.
  • Gerald H. Peterson "Jerry NJ" - Great, even best valueIf you are tired of inkjet cost and trouble and really need only a B&W printer, this is a great choice. I suspect it is an out-of-production unit and was made to sell for much more, e.g. the Amazon list price. I love the two sided printing and the quality/speed of printing. I also appreciate it has a color scanner, so you can scan in a color whatever and use that file for printing on a color whatever... scanner is low resolution, as is true of multifunction units in my experience.

    The printer does not have a network interface, but works well on my network when the host computer and the printer are both "on".

    The Canon cartridges are rather high priced, looks a bit like the "ink trap" of ink jet printers...but maybe the 3rd party cartridges are okay... and the cartridges give lots of pages which helps offset the per-page cost of printing over typical ink jet.