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  • Annabella Prieto - Great productI am drinking more water than ever. I haven't even used the flavors yet. There's something about drinking carbonated water...somehow it tastes better. If there's a complaint, it's just that I would have preferred the starter kit to come with two bottles and no flavor samples. I like to keep a bottle in the fridge while drinking the other. I definitely recommend this product. If you are a water drinker like me, you will save money and the annoyance of empty plastic bottles. Good for you, good for the environment.
  • Coby - Great TabletI really spent a lot of time researching tablets before I decided on the iPad Mini. The device is light and because I purchased the 64g it can store all the music, movies & e-books that I have. My wife who so isn't so keen on tablets uses it regularly with ease. Good bang for your buck and practical.
  • Marshel - Best bundle at best priceI got this for Christmas from my mom. I finally got a PS3, so I could care less about what other people say about the "quality" of the system. It works great, with easy set up. It came with games that I've barely heard of. Uncharted I've heard of, but not Infamous. It turns out that Infamous is one of the greatest games I've ever played. Considering this bundle, at the time, was $200 for a 250gb ps3, dualshock 3, ps+ 30 day trial, Uncharted 1&2, and Infamous 1,2,& a voucher for Festival of Blood and all of 2's dlcs, I think this was an excellent deal. For those complaining about the vouchers, you should have done a little more research before buying.
  • Freedom Fighter Media - Just like Kat, I haven't read the anyone can give any amount of stars based not on the product but on how one feels about the producer of that product?

    This a flaw with Amazon, of course, but also a flaw of those lefties, filled with hate and empty of logic, who have time to type (but never read) because they're living on the government dole.

    So, I'll go with my feelings, just like a liberal: I like Ann's hair so I give her 5 stars!