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  • Andrei Mouravski - Great BookIf you are looking for a quick and fun introduction into statistics, The Manga Guide to Statistics is right up your alley. It introduces and teaches the many of the topics that one would learn about in an introduction to statistics class in a very efficient and entertaining manner, even the equations! Each of the seven chapters explains the material in a cartoon, and concludes with a concise text explanation along with a few practice problems and answers. The Manga Guide to Statistics starts out by introducing the difference between categorical and numerical data, and works the reader up to probability density functions, various correlation techniques, and hypothesis testing. There is even a section on how to use Microsoft Excel to analyze your data for you! Each concept is introduced using real life situations where we are presented data and is used to answer specific questions one may have about said data. This problem based approach makes you want to continue reading and figure out how to answer the question.
  • MooMoo - Good makeup for those prone to acne breakoutsI have been using this product for about half a year now. I love it! I have had acne for four years, and this is the only face product that I have used since my skin started to completely clear up. I'm not sure if the foundation itself has properties that prevent or eliminate acne, but it has certainly not caused it. Additionally, the foundation hides redness and acne scars very well. I went to the doctor's office to get some medication for my acne, and she asked if I had redness. Apparently, she said that my makeup covered it up so well that she didn't even notice that I had redness on both sides of my cheek. So the point is that it could be good for acne-prone individuals.