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  • Jack M - Amazing Phone! Intuitive and great Accessories!I bought the Lumia 920 and I love it and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try, especially if you plan on purchasing Windows 8. AT&T offers a 14 day exchange, but I have a good feeling you wouldn't want to give it back after you play with it for a few days. It is the most intuitive phone with rich features out there. Here's the findings on my new phone:

    * First things first! The Lumia 920 comes with multiple language options!!! I got my dad one which is great because he can use Traditional Chinese on his phone. I think there are other languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean. Since this is very intuitive phone to use, the additional language is perfect for my parents.
    * The phone is beautifully designed and grips very well in my hand. The curved gorilla glass is durable and more ergonomic for finger gestures.
    * The screen resolution is amazing and it's higher than the retina display. The AMOLED screen along with Clear Black technology along with True Black gives you sharp contrast and richer color. This screen definitely works better in bright daylight as it said it would.
    * The ultra-sensitive screen also works when I wear gloves on a cold day. No need to take the gloves off, which is nice during cold weather.
    * The camera quality can't be beat on this phone. Night time captures without flash is bright and clear and there's not a phone out there that can do this. The floating lens and image stabilization works wonders when moving. Moving objects are captured without any ghost effect.
    * There are additional camera features built in for users to easily edit photos and change lens style, etc.
    * NFC on great for sharing photos, videos or files with friends. In addition, with my Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker, it automatically pairs and charges the phone simply place it on top of the speaker while playing music.

    * My partner has iTunes, but with the companion software, it imports all of his playlists, music, photos, and other contents effortlessly.
    * I really like the Nokia Drive+ navigation software. It's free and works perfectly. I like the option where I can download the maps locally so it doesn't have to rely on internet connectivity. The software also comes with downloadable voice guiding options in many languages! In addition, you can select voice of male or female, depending on your preference.
    * Everything I have is accessible via the SkyDrive, including documents where I can edit directly on my phone using the built in Office apps. I keep my shopping list so it's always updated either from my phone, tablet, or home computer. Photos are automatically uploaded to SkyDrive so there's no need to connect the camera to my PC.
    * If you get this phone, definitely check out the accessories!!! I got the black Nokia JBL PowerUp speakers. Amazing surround sound and the phone is Dolby certified. The PowerUp actually charges my phone as I use it.
  • J. Fletcher - Recommended as a must read for those who like subjects for discussion.This has been a surprise find. I have learned so much from these essays and searched many of the names referenced on the internet. The one that stimulated much discussion in our family was about drugs for depression. There are a variety of subjects included in this collection and each gives pause for reflection or invites research.
  • Justin Oleary - Great Beginner KitI operate a website devoted to aeroponic gardening and have been published on yahoo content for articles on aeroponic gardening. This is a great starter kit for anyone interested in getting into aeroponic gardening.
    I have a few of these units and have grown some nice fresh herbs with them. Very user friendly product and delivers results. AeroGarden 2101-00B Classic Garden 7-Pod With Gourmet Herb Seed Kit - Black
  • Mormor - Great buy!As a first time grandmother, I want to have the best for my granddaughter. This seat is the perfect size. Installation was not difficult. (my husband installed it). Getting her in and out of the seat is very simple but when I have her strapped in, I know she is very safe. Material is soft. She seems very comfortable. I like that it has Velcro on the sides so when you strap her in they (the straps) are out of the way and you don' t have to go digging around for them. Also the last car seat she'll have. A bit more than someother carseats, but so worth it in the quality! And a great price thru Amazon! So glad I bought this seat!