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  • Eduar J. Ajpacaja "Calm down" - i enjoy the gamei cant quite understand why so many negative reviews for this game. i find this game very enjoyable some say that is a money sink i dont see that at all. yes they have real money auction house but who imposes the price of items the players themselves. if everyone would just drop the price of items wouldnt it be better for everyone but no because everyone not just blizzard wants to make a quick buck. some say inferno is too hard i dont find that either. so many complains about little things people cant just be happy about things. same with the gold auctions the players put the price not blizzard when the game came out things werent that pricey than as usual inflation happened but isnt that due to the players. just my 2 cent
  • E Ann Purvis - Like the ease and taste of the shakes.I purchased this on a recommendation from a relative. I exercise on a regular basis but since losing my mom have been put on blood pressure meds, and other meds that I don't like taking. I drink 1 to 2 shakes a day and know I have lost some weight but not sure how much. I never weight, I go by how my clothes fit. I do feel better since drinking the shakes and I think it has boosted my metabolism some. I mix mine with Silk Almond milk, low calorie orange juice, and low calorie cranberry juices, add a little crushed ice and it is very tasty. I teach school and lunch choices are yucky or boring so I take my shake and get a fruit and that's my meal. The other health benefits is why I chose to try this but dropping a few pounds helps too. Hopefully when I return to the doctor in 6 months, I will get a good report!