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  • Kathleen J Harris - taking this with me when we go shopping!I found many different food swaps - no one has the time to stop and compare while out shopping - many items I had previously purchased were higher calorie/fat/ etc. I have been able to buy items that will help me in my weight loss - great resource. I have also purchased same books for my son.
  • Jenna - Great book!I got this book to supplement my medical school material and to help start to review for Step 1 of my boards, and it's been a very helpful tool so far! Glad I bought it!
  • Andrew A. Wang - It's Diablo 3, not Diable 2.1, and it rocksThis game is really unfairly rated on Amazon due to the server glitches at launch and all the "hardcore" D2 players who miss being able to spam potions and virulently protest any change to the game mechanics. Ignore those reviews.

    I bought this game a week after launch, and it's been lots of fun. Diablo 3 captures the same addicting hack-n-slash gameplay of its predecessors, and I would say streamlines it for the better.

    The core mechanic of "click on stuff until it dies" still works great as before. I find the gameplay to be more varied than D2, since the inability to lean on potions or town portals forces you to think more about balanced builds and intelligent skill usage. The special attributes present on elite/champion monsters also force you to mix it up.

    Character building is vastly improved. Stat points are now automatically allocated, and customization comes from changing your set of active skills and runes. I find this to be a much more flexible and dynamic system than D2, which forced you to restart with a new character if you chose the wrong stat or skill allocations. You can respec your character for crowd control for clearing the dungeon, then switch to single target for the boss. Tweaking your character is now painless and encouraged, which is what makes character building in Action-RPGs fun.

    I also like the social aspect. It's really easy to jump into a game with friends if they also happen to be online, letting me relive fond memories of LAN partying D2. I wish there was integrated voice chat as well, but that might yet come in a later patch.

    The auction house I find to be a bit of a mixed bag. It's better than D2, since there's a single, centralized market where you can list items and make bids. You can also find pretty great items for not too much coin. However, the search interface kinda sucks, and I dislike having to wade through lots and lots of items to find what I want. It also becomes somewhat necessary to use the market for upgrades past a certain level. The blacksmith is pretty useless from an ROI perspective, it's almost always better to just buy what you want off the auction house.

    Not a fan of the "don't stand in fire" and other environmental hazards, but that's only annoying a few times.

    In summary, buy this game. As long as you're not coming at it with the the rose-tinted nostalgia of D2, you'll enjoy it.
  • Anonymous - Great price!I've always wanted my own uranium ore, but it's always been so expensive. When I heard word that Kim Jong Il, had passed of a heart attack, I jumped on Amazon right away to order a bunch, knowing that North Korea would not need it any more and flood the market likely driving the price down so I bought 3! Thank you great leader, Christmas come early this year!
  • A Fischer - Different and WonderfulDon't miss this book. You can't anticipate anything about the plot or characters of Jess Walter's story. It has everything from Hollywood to post war Italy to the filming of Cleopatra. If you though you knew about Richard Burton, this may still be an eye opener. The story is filled with wonderful characters and big dreams, from earnest love to basest ambitions. Definitely put this on your reading list.