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  • navywife - Very happy with this stroller!My daughter is almost four months old now and we use this stroller almost every day. I did a lot of research before deciding on this stroller and I could not be happier with my choice. I LOVE the versatility of the stroller. Switching back and forth between the attachments and folding the stroller down is extremely easy and quick.

    We have used the bassinet quite a bit for our daily walks in the neighborhood. My daughter loves napping while we stroll and the UV hood protects her from the sun. She has also slept in the bassinet at night when we've been on trips and it has worked really well for that too. My only complaint about the bassinet is that the UV hood doesn't completely cover the baby, so we end up having to drape a blanket over the hood to make sure all the sun is blocked. Otherwise, though, we could not be happier with the bassinet and I would tell anyone looking for a stroller for a newborn that the bassinet is a must-have. If Uppababy can find a way to collapse the stroller with the bassinet attached, they will really have out done themselves.

    We also decided to purchase the attachment so that we can snap our Chicco car seat into the stroller. For the extra $30 or so that it costs to get this attachment, I would recommend to to everyone. It makes getting her in and out of the car so much easier than if we had to unstrap her from the car seat and strap her into the stroller, especially when she's sleeping. Can't say enough how great it is to have this option. My sister has the same stroller but opted for a convertible car seat for her son. Once she saw how easy it was for us to snap our car seat into the stroller, she decided to go out and get the Chicco car seat too.

    Now that my daughter is out of the newborn phase, we still use the bassinet some, but we also use the toddler seat for her. She really enjoys looking around at everything and this seat gives her the perfect perspective to do so. The versatility of this seat is great. We can lean it back for her so she can look up at the sky or sit it forward so she can look at us. It can also be attached to the stroller facing forward or facing backward which is really nice.

    I have been very happy with the basket under the stroller as well. While its not as accessible when you have the bassinet attachment on, I usually need the basket space when we are out and have the car seat attached. With the car seat attached, the basket is huge and I can do all of my grocery shopping using the stroller basket, rather than getting a cart.

    One thing the stroller is missing is a drink holder so I would recommend buying this accessory to add to it. If you use the stroller as much as we do, you will definitely want a place to put your water/coffee/etc.

    To be clear, though, this stroller is not a compact stroller. It fits easily in the back of my sedan and my SUV, but the wheels on the back are somewhat wide set which makes getting around small spaces challenging. It works fine for me in the grocery store and at Target, but I've noticed at the mall that the wheels are too wide to get through some stores. We also live in a small apartment and weaving it through the furniture can be annoying sometimes.

    Overall, this stroller is amazing. I've used my friends' strollers of different brands and find the Uppababy Vista to be higher quality, to be more versatile and to give a smoother ride. As I said, I have used this stroller almost every day since my daughter was born and it has been a great accessory!
  • Samantha Ornelas - It worksThis definitely works the way the product says to and it is important to use only a few days of it every so often but what is good is that there are so many pills in this one bottle it will last a while.
  • Gordon Cucullu - Brilliant interpretationPeters has produced his finest work of fiction with Cain at Gettysburg. He pays due homage to Shaara's Killer Angels and exceeds that excellent work with Cain.
    Told through the eyes of the often exhausted and always expendable foot soldiers through the highest ranking officers in the field those terrible days, Peters, with incomparable style, verisimilitude, turn of phrase, and picture-painting puts the readers under the hot July sun of 1863 crossing fields of death and destruction.
    That Cain is the culmination of years if not decades of faithful research is abundantly clear from the intimate portraits Peters' paints of the personalities and unit maneuvers at one of the most fateful - and costly - battles in American history.
    At certain parts, the force of the work led me to put in down for a short while just to absorb the full impact of the emotions and courage shown but magnificent soldiers in blue and grey on that terrible field.
    Peters selected units and actions of which most of us are unfamiliar to present new and different aspects to the battle. Units that suffered enormous casualties, displaying incomprehensible valor in the face of certain death are remembered here and that is good and proper.
    Few writers have the empathy and understanding of the life of a private soldier and a ranking officer. Peters, who has lived both roles is admirably suited to bring his experience and incomparable talent to the task, and like the true soldier he is, came with a full rucksack loaded for bear.
    I urge readers to get this fast-paced, page-turning work - sure to be a modern classic - as soon as possible. I'm confident their impressions of this critical event - the Battle of Gettysburg - as told through the superb writing, will be memorable, entertaining, and hugely revelatory, .
  • SurfCityMimi - Wish I could give it a TEN STAR REVIEW!I'd like to say that this product was like all the rest: over-priced and not at all what it was advertised to do. I COULD say that, but it wouldn't be true! It delivered EXACTLY what it promised. I had a worrisome cold sore come up so I popped open the vial, dabbed on a bit every hour or so for about six hours until bedtime and VOILA! When I woke up the next morning, there wasn't a trace of the sore I had gone to bed with. Kudos...I am impressed. That's no easy feat for a natural born cynic such as I.
  • Pam G. - One of the bestI've used McAfee Antivirus before and while it does okay, I'm more than pleased with the way the Norton Antivirus works and the work it does. I'm on facebook playing games a lot and it does a better job of letting me know which links I would be better off staying away from than any other antivirus product I've used. I have no complaints with any Symantec product. I would recommend it to anyone who is on facebook frequently, plays games or visits multiple websites - it will keep you from getting into a virus, no matter how "safe" or innocent looking a link or site is. I'll definitely stick with Norton in the future, too. :)