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  • Anonymous - Extremely surprised at how good this book wasI bought "Secrets of the A Game" as my first PUA book over similar ones (The Game, Mystery Method, etc.) because of it's length (411 pages) and high review score. All the other 5-star reviews are spot-on. Coming from someone with social anxiety and has had very few relationships, this may actually be the most useful book I've ever read. The first half of the book is inner game, with the second half being technique. The author never flaunts his ego like I've read in other reviews for PUA books - he never uses any filler at all for that matter, just a short introduction of his personal story which he doesn't even include in the page count! I was actually really surprised how well-written this book was, and am definitely reading it twice. It's an extremely organized and comprehensive book, I would suggest if you're on the fence of whether to buy it or not to take a look at the table of contents versus other PUA books, it's really two books in one like other reviewers said. You can use the information for either random hookups or long-term relationships - it has a lot of useful information on female psychology that would help sustain any relationship, be it a one-night stand or something a lot more lasting. The book doesn't just teach the technique of attraction, but the psychology behind it, so you get a full understanding instead of robotically following some rigid plan. Logan, man - all I have to say is thank you!
  • Nubian "Nubian" - WORKS for HSV-II as well(genital)....and just as fastAbreva also works as well/fast on genital herpes as well. Although not advertised as such(Can't figure out why it isn't), but I don't get cold sores on my lips. Never have. ONLY 'down below' & I'm female. It ALWAYS Starts with tingling usually 3-5 days after my monthly cycle. I can mark it on the calendar...every month. I just start applying a VERY SMALL amount, ONLY enough to cover the tingling area. Usually on the area around my viginal opening is where the sores start. By the 2-3day, there are hardly any sores & what tries to form are already starting to heal.

    This from someone who has NOT been sexually active in several years, LITERALLY!!!(OKAY, close your mouth!!!), I just don't have a man right now & I don't go the other way!!!!.

    BUT I used to get Valtrex pills, at $35/mth EVERY MONTH!!!. This is WAY, way cheaper in regard to the daily pills, not to mention the $30 co-pay doctor visit just to GET the prescription.

    ABREVA, Could you at least consider making a 10 or 12oz tube ??!!!! PLEASE..
  • dlhedden - Where has this woman been all my life?!Just happened to glance at my Kindle last night about 10:00PST as I was heading to bed, and lo & behold there on the carousel was my Year of Holidays ebook for which I had been anxiously awaiting, after pre-ordering several weeks prior. Needless to say the 'heading to bed' thing didn't happen for at least another hour as I dove right in and speed read the whole darn thing. I have never been a big cookbook fan (they almost intimidated me) but the amazing Ree Drummond has totally changed my culinary point of view--and my cooking habits, much to my family's delight! I have all three of her cookbooks, and utilize them DAILY. The rhetoric, pictures, sense of humor, and pure love she pours in to her books is addicting. If I could have given this review more than five stars, I would have. Bravo Ree, on another spectacular effort--you have helped make cooking a joy for me. :D
  • elizabeh - Excellent reference bookFerri is an excellent reference for class and clinical rotations. As an ANP student I am using this text as a referencewhen writing my clinical logs and case studies. It is easy to read as the format gives you etiology, epidemology, DDX, TX,and follow-up care. I believe this is a must have for students and providers.
  • A. Hilliard "kdmom" - Radical-Great bookI chose the book, Radical Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream by David Platt, because I had heard so many different responses to the book. I had to read the book for myself and make up my own mind on it.

    This book speaks of how so many messages on the Christian Faith have became watered down and really have no effect on people anymore. It talks of how we sit in our padded pews and air conditioned churches and never really have a change in our heart.

    I myself enjoyed reading the book. It did convict me of many things. I think that any Christian should read this book. It will remind us of how blessed we are. Maybe, it will cause us to rethink a few things in our life.

    The author speaks of getting your mind off of yourself and to start thinking of others. Reading your Bible. Helping others and going on mission trips. I think we can all use reminders of these things.

    I would recommend this book to any Christian. I think it is a great eye opener and reminder of why we are here on this earth. I give this book 5 stars.

    I was given this book free of charge from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion. I did not have to give a favorable review.