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  • D. G. Murray "frosty" - POWER for your kitchenI got this product because of another reviewer, David H. Henderson, this thing is powerful and Is easy to operate.
    It is much easier to clean than any other blender or drink mixer I have ever had. It stays naturally clean and it is easy to clean the cups and blades. It really grinds up the stuff. AS David said, read the directions, they are very simple, DON'T overfill it.
    The drinks are tasty and powerful hunger-stoppers. Two of the shakes made me feel very full all day and did not care for any in between snacks. Ate a normal dinner and did not overeat.
    The next day, I still wasn't hungry. What a deal!
    Hope you enjoy this product.
  • Charles Anderson - Tough at first, but it will cure you.I picked up this book 3 years ago. I had also bought a LOT of other books - this book had what I considered to be the "hardest" diet to follow. It required me to change my life. I had racked up 20,000 in medical debt, had been hospitalized several times, had fistula drained, was on prednisone, asacol, flagyl, cipro. My wife was a wreck worrying over me while I wasted away.

    I finally had an attack that put me in the hospital for a week. It was all the incentive I needed. At the time I started, I was 5'6", 97 pounds, and could barely scrap together the energy to stand for 15 minutes. The first two weeks were the hardest, but I went from diarrhea 8 to 10 times a day down to 2 or 3. A month in, perhaps once or twice. Two months in - diarrhea had stopped. Three months in - no more meds. Six months in - felt better than I had before college(eight years prior), my weight was back to 135 pounds. I'm now three years in. I had a colonoscopy three months ago - all the massive damage to my large and small intestine were 98% gone - only minor scarring remains.

    God willing, in another three I'll have completely cured this "incurable" disease. Your results will be better than mine, give the book a try. By word of mouth alone, three friends have turned their problems around too.
  • Kyle Shultz - Started shaky, but rapidly improvingWhen I first reviewed this show, I criticized its lack of both character development and a strong connection to the established Marvel Comics universe. Thankfully, as of recent episodes, those issues have begun to fade.

    It finally feels as if Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is beginning to live up to Joss Whedon's vision: to be a fun, engaging drama about "normal" people dealing with the challenges of a world where superheroes are just beginning to emerge. While I've heard the show's numerous references to "The Avengers" described as gimmicky, they do make sense. A huge wormhole opened up in the sky over New York City and coughed up an alien army, for crying out loud. People are going to tend to talk about that a lot. One of the show's best points, by the way, is its global feel. It doesn't make the mistake of having every single paranormal event happen in America. So far, we've visited South America, Sweden, and Hong Kong - and the inclusion of actual footage filmed in some of those places boosts the show's quality immensely.

    The characters started out pretty thin, and the first few episodes following the pilot didn't do much to change that. Fortunately, more recent installments have made a difference in that regard. I'd still like to see Fitz and Simmons get fleshed out a bit more, as they basically function as comic relief at this point (granted, it's very funny comic relief). But Agents Coulson, May, and Ward, along with mysterious hacker Skye, have definitely progressed beyond the cardboard stage. No episode thus far illustrates this better than the fantastic "Girl in the Flower Dress".

    As for Marvel connections, those are slowly but steadily developing. Graviton is waiting in the wings, possibly for a bigger showdown near the finale. A shadowy organization called Centipede may turn out to be something more recognizable later on. And then there's the possibility of the show's main characters having links to the Marvel mythos. As their pasts are all a bit shady, anything's possible. I'm optimistic that we'll see more comic book elements creep in as time goes by. And as far as long-term story arcs in general, there are small, clever teases about Agent Coulson's return from the dead which will most likely culminate in a major, Whedonesque plot twist in the end.

    My advice to the skeptical viewer is to give this show a chance beyond the first few episodes. The pilot is good, episode two is a bit disappointing, but then the pace begins to pick up. By the time the show has told its first season story in full, I don't think any of us will regret having stuck with it through the early period of adjustment.