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  • crystlen - Works well as described on packageI tried this product for 7 days before Thanksgiving. The first 3 days I didn't have a BM AT ALL! Was getting kind of worried so I took some Smooth Mooth Tea by Organic Pharmaceuticals and then I went and went! I was surprised by some of the stuff that was in there and was glad to be getting it OUT of my body! One thing that did help me that they don't tell you to do is eat soft food the entire time. I didn't eat any meat, just steamed veggies, rice, soups and such, with LOTS of water! NO HARD FOOD is good to help with the colan cleanse so that it doesn't irritate your bowels as much. After 7 days I did notice a looser belt and felt lighter and better overall. I will try again after the holidays. This product is much cheaper than a lot of colan cleanse products and works just as well!
  • enatang - my first tablet: it is wonderful!!!my previous experience with tablet was in bestbuy, playing with all types and shapes. this is my first but it is for my my 6yr old.

    1. purchase experience: 4-star
    i pre-ordered in amazon and BH in nov. 2011. no luck to get before xmas as a gift. i really wanted an ultrabook, toshiba at $800 to last for at least 5 years. but my daughter insistes on a tablet. since tf201 has a dock, so it could be used as a low-end notebook. my wife could also use it on the run. it is $150 less (with dock) and 2 pound lighter than toshiba 835. it becomes sort of blessing with the saving. i got my tf201 from my colleague, who wanted to return to amazon. this is the hardest thing i ever want to buy. it is worth the twist!

    2. price/performance: 4-star
    it is supposed to be a toy for my 6yr old. $500 is way too much. certainly i would not pay for ipad2 at the time at ~$650, considering ipad3 is around the corner. samsung galaxy was ~$700. the latter two are the previous generation, way too antique. electronic stuffs are out-dated & depreciated out of the door by a large margin. tf201 is the best thing exists at the moment. it is way too much for a toy, but its value seems to out-shine most crazy cell-phones (unlocked)

    3. easy to use: 5-star
    tablets, notebooks, laptops, pc, mac etc are all commodities. they are user-friendly with little difficulty, even for a first-timer user like me. apps, books, games are everywhere, and many are free. downed-loaded about 100 for the past 3 weeks. had to deleted most because we want to focus on education. no problem whatsever. so much stuffs and so many choices. the most important feature of tf201 is outdoor use. kid playing in the park, wife reading on tf201 under full shining sun for hours!!! no problem at all, each has had their own fun. but watch out the battery,,,,, full-ips mode under california sun got you 5 hours instead of normal 10 hours...... auto-screening at least last me 10 hours (20% lighting, very comformable in bed)

    4. android 4.03: 5-star
    my tf201 was updated last tuesday. all the liitle windows on the left lost their "x". i could not close them out and got pissed off... since we 6yr old opened everything everyday. the opened-directory was a mess. i finally figured out to wrap them to the left to close them all. the previous "x" is hard to control. taking the page to the left is way too easy with 4.03. down-loading menu items could be wrapped out left-or-right. simple and friendly

    5. other issues: 4.5-star
    wifi is excellent, better than my 6 month's old dell 15r. camera is super fine. picture quality matches my point-shot (16mb). but it lacks stablizer, any hand movement could get you fuzzy pictures. hd video and sound are excellent. again gps is not working, that is worth -0.5-star.

    6. over-all: 5-star
    this toy is high-quality, easy to use, very responsive (too much), no tech issues and with lots of fun.
  • BJWal - Love it :)Downloaded it straight from Amazon & man was it quick! Ive had to write papers & create powerpoints for my college class & its done everything & more. A friend of mine who has a PC & Microsoft Word was amazed on how different ours looked & preferred my display over hers! Excel as well has helped in creating charts that I needed for school as well. DEFINITELY worth the money :)
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