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City: Montreal, Quebec

  • John Casteele - A wonderful resource, as always, with a hiccup in shippingAllow me to begin by stating that Amazon messed up my order; I preordered the deluxe edition but received the standard edition. As this is the place to review the product itself and not Amazon's handling of it, however, my score reflects what the book deserves. (The primary difference between the two editions is a year's subscription to the online service, so this review will focus on what's inside the book itself and not whether it contained this subscription.)

    As always, there's a lot of useful information in the book in addition to publisher listings. This time around the articles focus on a variety of topics including marketing through social media; separate articles about Twitter and social networking sites in general help writers to get a better understanding of how to use these social tools to their advantage. Other topics include essentials such as making pitches, sending queries and entering into contracts, plus finding work (using the Internet, even) and self-publishing. A multi-page chart in the front of the book gives high-end, low-end and average rates for a number of different writing and editing jobs as well, with the charts broken up to give readers an idea of how much to charge by the hour, by the project or based on other criteria. The URL for a 60-minute webinar is included as well in the "How to Use Writer's Market" section; the staff of Writer's Digest Books walks viewers through the process of creating their own writing platform.

    The listings themselves are easy to read with a lot of information packed into a small space. Publishers, magazines, trade journals, literary agents, newspapers, playwright resources, contest... it's Writer's Market. If you've seen it before then you likely know what to expect. An index in the back makes it easy to look up any publisher by name if you can't find what you're looking for in the book sections.

    All told I'm very happy with the product itself, just not happy at all with Amazon's handling of my preorder. Mistakes will happen, but considering that the two books were separate listings (and not just two options on the same listing) I find this mistake and the time I'll have to spend returning the book and getting the exchange or refund processed inexcusable.

    EDIT: Would like to update this with Amazon's response to the problem. They offered to refund me the price difference so that I could keep the book I have or offered to let me return it for a full refund. I opted for the partial refund and am relatively satisfied with how quickly Amazon customer service handled my complaint and the fact that they were willing to essentially take my word for it that there was a mistake. While it's still annoying that a mistake on the shipping end of Amazon caused me to get the wrong product, I'm happy with how it was handled by customer service.
  • Mary - Helpful BookThis drug book is easy to use and look up all of the items I needed. I would recommend it to friends going into the medical field who have to take drug look-up books to clinical or work or wherever!