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  • J. Baker "kairilily" - I love my Kindle!I purchased a "refurbished" Kindle from Amazon Warehouse Deals a little over two months ago. I was wary at first since it was refurbished, but when I called, I was told that I would get the same warranty that I would if I bought a new one. That settled it. I was getting a Kindle!

    To make a long story short, I LOVE it! It's so much easier to read in bed than a book. I can lay flat on my back if I want and hold it with one hand and not be uncomfortable. There is no glare from light. It's just like reading a piece of paper. I love being able to look up words that I don't know as I'm reading just by clicking a couple of things. The Kindle books are cheaper in most cases than a regular book, not to mention Amazon offers a handful of freebies every month. I've read complaints about the cover that comes with the Kindle. I admit that I wasn't fond of it at first, but now that I'm used to it, I have no complaints. I imagine I could get a better quality one, but this one serves it's purpose just fine. My one and only complaint is that I can't connect via Whispernet from my home. I live in a rural area and this is understandable (my cell phone doesn't always work inside my house either). But, it does connect at my work, so I just take the Kindle to work with me, download what I need on my lunch break, and when I get home, I'm able to read away. I'm still a very happy customer two months later.
  • tbtrfli - Amazing! Finally!Besides my 2 kids and husband, this is the 4th most amazing thing I have come in contact with! I felt a cold sore coming on at 2am and didnt have any Valtrex on hand. I was devastated... I HATE THESE THINGS! I immediately started applying Domeboro (my secret weapon). Its a powder you mix with water and it cuts the life of these things in half by completely drying them out. It still usually last a week though. I, as usual, jumped on the Internet to try and find a miracle. I ran across this product and was amazed by the reviews. I sent my husband out and applied it at 12pm that day. Within an hour I could feel a difference and the swelling had started to go down. By the next day it was almost GONE. AMAZING! Granted... I did catch it in the beginning and it hadn't opened yet. I'm sure this helped. It is now 3 days later and it's a tiny scab that will probably go away within a day or two. I was able to go out the next night with my head held high... usually I stay indoors for 2 weeks - no joke. Thank you, Orajel! Bravo!!
  • Denali - A Must Read... One of the best novels in a LONG time!I must open this review with a simple but exclamatory "WOW!" What a story! Padma Viswanathan is a new author that has created such a wonderful, educational and eloquent fictional tale that has basis in her own family's stories. I learned quite a bit about the Indian Caste system (which I had always been curious about) and some of their customs and beliefs.

    Based on the period of 1896- 1960s, the story carries the reader through the child bride, Sivakami, marrying the older Hanumarathnam. Hanumaranthnam is the local astrologist. They have 2 children, Vairum and Thangam. Shortly after Vairum is born, Hanumaranthnam dies. Sivakami is now a widow as a teen. This book explores the difficulties of being a widow so young. These customs could be judged by the Western world to be harsh and unfair to widows.

    Thangam produces many children who are cared for by Sivakami and Vairum because her husband is never supportive or around enough. Vairum marries a musical genius, Vani, and creates a modern and high-class life for himself and his wife. I do not want to give too much of the story away for other readers so they can discover it themselves.

    The tale details the complexities of the Brahmin caste and culture - insights into strict customs, superstitious beliefs and follows the transformation of a new generation of Brahmins that no longer feel tied to the old ways.

    Although this book is a little over 600 pages, it never felt like it. I would have liked to have read it in 1 sitting, but didn't have the time. Instead it took me approximately a month to read it in small sections. But any time I had free, I spent reading the book. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

    I will look for future works written by this author. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good, long tale or that is interested in learning more about the caste system and Indian cultures/customs.

    Give it a try. I doubt that anyone, or most readers, would be disappointed.
  • cathysguy - A Must Read!!I always look forward to any books that Andy writes. "Island of Saints" is my all time favorite for a variety of reasons. Andy's latest book showcases his unique style. Jones feels like a personal friend that I would immediately be comfortable around. Thanks Andy, for another great read. Can't wait for the next one.