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  • Rhiana Jones "Author of Cooking With Home Can... - Excellent ProductI don't know why people get the wrong idea about navigation programs. This is so worth it, even if you can use Google Maps or have a GPS. Streets and Trips has much more than just a simply google map. First of all you don't need internet, so if you're phone or your laptop can't get connection, your GPS probably can't either, and then you're stuck in some rural highway with no clue where you are. Right? It's happened to me. This dosn't happen on Streets and trips, as long as you still have battery power on the laptop, you're not going to get lost. And what if you google mapped the way to the job interview in a strange town and then you're forced to take a detour for road construction. Again, you're lost.

    This is like that wonderful good old paper map you used to keep in your glove compartment, except with this one, you can log on to the internet and get updates, calculate fuel usage and compare route times and do all types of things you can't do with your paper map, your GPS or the internet.

    This program is great!
  • Kit Sewell - Great Book!This is a great book for someone who is having back, neck or knee problems. I have the video by Esther which helps to understand the book better. However, I was having back, neck and knee problems which the doctors only know how to treat with pain meds. The meds didn't help correct the problems, but the Gokhale method did and it works. You can go to her web site for some very helpful information and if you want order the video. Plus, she offers some free work shops on her site. As for the group work shops, I took one when it came to Sacramento and it was worth every penny. Recommended for those who want to have and need a hands on experience with the techniques.