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  • Philster "Philster" - Good Tax Software, does what it should...I have been using this software for about seven years. I had went back and forth with Turbo Tax prior to that, and found little difference, and settled on the Kiplingers, which has evolved into H&R Block in the past couple of years.

    For the price, it is a no brainer to use the software, as opposed to getting the forms from the IRS and filling them out yourself, and this makes e-filing a piece of cake.

    The only issue I had this year was determining how to claim college expenses and scholarships, which I went to the IRS website for more details. Other than that, the program was very helpful, and even with the college expense questions, I finished my taxes in about half the time I normally spend on them.

    I e-filed using the program, and had my tax return back in under a week. (e-filed February 23rd, with notification of my refund on February 28th, and deposited March 1st).

    I highly recommend this to anyone that has basic math skills and doesn't want to pay a small fortune to someone else to do them for you.
  • Dave - Freakin AwsomeThis Tablet rocks!! First off, I would like to start off this review by saying the quite vivid display is absolutely fantastic. Its Bright as heck and the colors just seem to pop out @ you. Next the 16gb of factory memory is nice but you can expand to 32gb, which is what i did before it even arrived @ my house. I downloaded the netflix app and it works flawlessly. Its overall appearance is slim sleek and sexy, Very easy to hold and to navigate. Set-up was quite easy and fast, it only took me 1/2 an hour till i was up and running. It also has a really cool remote feature that i set-up with ease. Over all I give this tablet 5 stars because its easy to use and has a really bright display, oh i need to mention the sound. The sound is pretty big for such a small device and can handle movies, music and sports. Get this you wont regret your decision one bit!! hope you found this review helpful.:)
  • Lilly - Nice resourceThere is so much information in the big heavy book, I wish it was smaller and lighter and the pages were a little thicker but then it would not hold so much information. I am starting to put sticky notes on the pages I use often, I like the flow charts. I work at too places and usually leave this at urgent care.