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  • Leozpride - About what you would expect from QuickBooksOverall, this is a nice product. It's not much different from the previous versions. It has a slicker look and the toolbars have been broken out to various parts of the screen. It will take you a minute to get acustomed to looking for sub-categories on the main screen verses rolled up along the top. There are some good things that I like. It allows you to split a transaction in the chart of accounts without opening the transaction line item. Although ,the trade off is that to open the line item transaction you no longer double click you have to highlight it and click on edit transaction.

    Really you're upgrading not becuase its a better product but becuase Intuit will no longer support or provide online backing for previous versions 2010 or older. If you need online banking then welcome to QuickBooks 2013. If not, it's not necessarily worth the extra $350 bucks. I will say that the price found here on Amazon is the best price going. It's about $100 cheaper than and over $200 directly from Intuit.
  • K. Herbrand - How would you feel if you lost 6 months of your life?Shauna awoke after being in a coma for six weeks to a nightmare that she would like to forget. She had no idea why or how she ended up in the hospital. Actually, she couldn't remember the last 6 months. She knew who she was, who her brother Rudy was, her dad Landan, "Uncle" Trent, even her evil stepmother Patrice. However, she did not know Wayne Spade, the guy who claimed to be her boyfriend. How could she have forgotten him?

    After Shauna is released from the hospital, Wayne offers to stay with her 24/7 to help her recuperate. He works for her Uncle Trent at her father's company, McAllister MediVista, so there isn't a problem with him getting some time off. She discovers that her brother Rudy is brain-damaged due to the accident that put her in the coma. The accident that they say she caused. She had been indicted while in the coma because they had found Ecstacy in her system, and in her car, and in her apartment. She couldn't EVER remember taking drugs in her life. How could this be happening to her?

    Rudy had been her father's favorite ever since he had married Patrice. She had been left for Patrice to raise and Patrice was every bit the wicked stepmother - even burning Shauna with an iron. But did her father believe her? No. He believed Patrice when she told him that Shauna just wanted to be the center of attention. This drove a wedge between Shauna and her dad, which is why she now calls him Landon.

    Soon, Shauna starts remembering things - but they don't seem to be her memories. Why is she remembering things that couldn't possibly have happened to her? And can she really trust Wayne or is he trying to kill her?

    The underlying theme in Kiss is that God will always love you and you don't need to fear. (Shauna keeps remembering her deceased mom telling her this.) What Shauna wants more than anything is for Landon to feel this way about her. We also get to see some family and romantic relationships develop and some family and romantic relationships fall apart. You will have to read to find out whose!
  • Gabriel Urrea - I liked the hystorical Jesus.I really enjoyed the book. I read it in a couple of weeks. In several chapters I was even able to visualize the historical times of Jesus; it was like a script for a movie.

    I just wished he would had been as tough with Mohamed in his book Not God by God as he was with Jesus of Nazareth int this book. I just sense a little bias on that. Otherwise I found it very informative.

    I should wait for comments from scholars and people versed in the topic.
    I'm also waiting for the translation to Spanish (Which is my language).
  • Neville G. Comrie "Foxcomrie" - Quicken Beta TesterThis product by far and wide a superb product. I literally ran this program into the ground and it bounced back as well it should. The interface is clean and the learning curve is small. As soon as the program begins you will notice how quick it opens and goes to wehere you want it to. An excellent financial program to help you track personal and businees expenses. No comparison to the other programs out there.
  • cumminsman500 - Great ProductI purchased a Charbroil TRU Infrared grill a few years ago and love it. It cooks very fast and with the new infrared technology you don't get all of the grease fires and flare ups like with a traditional grill. I do have to say that they are a little more high maintenance than a traditional grill. The cooking grates are stainless steel but when all of the salts in the meats, marinades and seasonings the grate do start to rust after a couple of years. I ended up sandblasting mine this year and it cleaned them up very well. They look brand new and it was a lot less than buying new ones for about $42 each. I did have to replace the burners this year as well because it was staying lit. The holes on the burners also were starting to rust and the holes were becoming blocked. There was also rust scale inside of the burners that would block the flame exit holes. This grill does sit outside all of the time and has never been covered. Knowing that it has put up quite well with the abuse of sitting outside all of the time. For the higher cost of maintenance it is worth it for the quality of food that you can grill. Everything comes out so much more juicy and nothing really gets burned unless you let it.