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  • dseemat - Very knowledgeable. Give her a break!This book was very informative and helped me immensely! As far as the other posts, I really feel like everyone should give Ms. LaViolette a break. She is only doing her job in finding evidence of domestic violence. She was not hired to determine whether Ms. Arias is guilty or not. She was only hired to assess if domestic violence was evident, and quite frankly it's very apparent that there was! Not just by Arias' words, but mostly from Mr. Alexander's texts and other written material from Mr. Alexander. Personally, I think Ms. Arias did snap and murder Mr. Alexander and certainly domestic violence does not give one rights to commit murder. But I definitely feel Ms. LaViolette did her job and is getting tortured by everyone's negative comments. Keep your head up Ms. LaViolette! You have helped many with your expertise in the domestic violence field, and this book is very eye-opening and helpful.
  • Neil Stahl - It worked for me!Pardon my plain speaking but I want to make clear why I used this and what it did for me. For years my BM's usually had a good consistency; not runny not hard. Then I was urged to take a stiff round of antibiotics (unnecessary, as it turned out) and for months afterward I had constipation problems. I dealt with it by eating prunes and tried raw sauerkraut and the recommended yoghurt, and that helped but didn't solve the problem. Having read about our biomes for some time, I was sure the antibiotics had knocked out my good little critters. I decided to try a probiotic supplement. I happened to have a coupon for Phillips, so tried it. After just a few days of taking one pill a day I (we) seem to have gotten back to the good old days.

    I do have to wonder about continuing to take it. Shouldn't it establish itself in your gut and stay till the next time something untoward happens to it, at which time you could take some more pills?
  • pv1940 - Perfect for my needsI needed this book for a course I'm taking in medical coding. I bought it with a description that it was dog-eared, highlighted, and yellowed. I didn't expect much obviously but only needed it for a short time so didn't want to spend a lot of money. The price was $1.88 plus shipping - normally the books are very expensive. It came quickly and is in absolutely perfect condition - none of the issues raised in the description were there. They must have substituted an unused book. Needless to say I'm extremely happy with this company and with my book.