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  • Kathryn L. Tate "ktate" - Architectural Visualisation Book...I bought this book specifically for architectural visualization training--and that is exactly what the authors are giving.

    The book is thorough, well thought out and extremely detailed--enough so that even a novice like me can follow along without any problems. I recommend this book.
  • melanie riley - WE LOVE THIS..Best kid tablet I ever bought has lots of different things to do they love the camera,the apps you can purchase are $5-7-10 or you can buy $25 ones like at the store.you can put movies,music and ebooks on it along with games,creativity,videos...it works best if you get the recharger pack for it it also has headphones you can buy for car rides.It cost a little bit to put all the extra apps on it but is well worth the money they really like playing it and it is made just for kids I would suggest it to everyone who has a child.
  • Jeffrey J.Park - Beautiful Barbie in Red for collectorsWhile this doll may be great for collectors, it is not appropriate for child play. In fact, the doll has not left the box - our toddlers would tear Barbie apart. As a collectible item, however, it is beautiful.

    Our favorite thing about this Barbie doll is the packaging, which is designed to display the doll - in fact, even our young daughter loved the backdrop. Of course, the doll is quite nice too, and features a stunning red/silver ball gown and highly detailed makeup and hair. My wife appreciated the other details on the doll such as the painted fingernails and the high-heeled shoes - in fact, she had to resist the urge to tear the packaging apart to actually hold the doll.

    All in all, this is a fine collectible that is better suited to being on display than being played with. We will definitely save the doll for our daughter though - she will certainly appreciate "Barbie in a box" more when she is older. This 2012 doll makes a nice companion to the 2011 holiday series doll.
  • Irene E Brackenridge - Simply the Best!I love this grill. Our wrap-around porch is pretty narrow, so we needed a compact grill. Usually there are just the two of us, but we entertain sometimes, so we needed a grill to be big enough to easily cater for 2-10 people. This grill is perfect in these respects.
    I especially like the folding side shelves which give excellent work space when needed, yet store away neatly when not in use.
    The infrared technology is really something special. If one follows the directions, one is guaranteed the juiciest and most tender cuts of meat and poultry. The grill is so fast - even the thickest steak seems to cook in double-quick time.
    Again, if one follows the directions, in keeping the grill seasoned and cleaning after each use, it does not rust at all.
    The grill has a very attractive look and is of very sturdy construction.
    My only complaint? The assembly of the myriad parts is supposed to take 30 minutes - what a laugh! Even my super-dooper DIY fanatic, engineer husband took two full hours in assembly. Don't be put-off though, just enlist some extra help, if needed.