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  • Monica Chen - fun fast readyet another hilarious installment in the stephanie plum series. i can only image how great they look in that boat of a car. i have read all of the books, it about 2 weeks. they are that good. i would just read them in order. you get more out of the relationships and stephanies progress(or lack of)as a bounty hunter.
  • Daniel M. Williams - Dr. Dan weighs In on this physician-written MCAT review Length:: 5:46 Mins

    Why have a physician guide your MCAT review? Because you need to learn to think like a physician while taking the test!

    Dr. Dan from the Medical School Podcast explains how to use the Gold Standard MCAT book while you're taking the medical school prerequisite courses. Learn the MCAT material from the very beginning and save yourself a lot of time!

    Good luck,

    Doctor Dan
  • A. Schmoldt - Enter the Time MachineI was literally counting the days to get the next new Rush release. This is yet another excellent compilation of live Rush. Not only does it capture the purity of the Time Machine tour, it offers a wide compilation spanning their entire musical career. Having live versions of The Camera Eye and Presto are real treats, as are the two new songs. I am so happy to add this to the growing stack of Rush CDs on my shelf. I should note that although Geddy's voice shows the wear and tear of the years, he still rocks, and I hope he rocks for at least a couple more years. Let's have 40 years of Rush! Or more. I also appreciate the band's integrity in mentioning the one song edit. They are honest, but still want to give us a good product.

    I also tried to pick up the DVD of the show at a major outlet, but there were no copies on the shelf. Word from a store worker was that there were sound problems on the DVD release. A bit disappointing, but I can wait for a new shipment. The CDs will carry me through for now.
  • Danielle Mcleod "dmcleod" - Does what it says...I rarely review a product, but I felt I had to comment on this particular one. I am in my 30's and have always suffered from moderate to severe acne breakouts. As I got older it did improve somewhat but as a teacher I hated having worse skin than most of my students. Despite readimg negative reviews, I figured this product is still going strong after 10 years so why not at least try it. And I'm glad I did. My skin cleared up within 10 days and improvement was noticable on day 1. I get the occasional blemish still, but it clears up within days with the mask.

    First off, I believe a lot of the negativity surrounding it comes from not reading the fine print. It even states in the commercials you are being signed up for an automated shipping program when you order. As for sensitive skin-I have it and have no problems with this product. However, there are a lot of skin allergies to the main ingrediant and this can effect people pretty severly...and that is why Proactiv tells the user in the directions to do a simple skin test before using! Also - the cleanser is a scrub. It is not ment to be used abrasively - as I believe many people do. A very light hand with a small amount of product will do. Your face should feel refreashed, not scrubbed off.

    There also has been a lot of controversy surrounding their customer service. I haven't had any problems. My product lasts longer than 3 months at a time (about 4 months) so I can change my shipping online. Each time I have done this I've recieved an email confirmation and everything has worked out fine.

    Of course everone has to make up their own mind concerning anything, but if you are considering the product, I say at least give it a try. If you are nervous about going through proactiv.com - then order on amazon.com. Also - read the directions!