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  • Gary F. Lee - This happened to me.....and I wrote about it in "latitude 38" in the 90's. (an article called the Black wall). Ok, so I don't know if it exactly qualifies because it was a mega- barge being pushed by a Mega-tug in San Francisco Bay.
    But if this book keeps other sailors out of the way of mega-barges, I say buy it and read it. Two things though. One, I wasn't killed. Two, I had always hoped that when I wrote in about " This happened to me" it would be a letter to Penthouse not a book review.
    Gary "the peg leg" Lee
  • Michael Ashe - Definitely one of my favorite supplementsI've tried half a dozen probiotics before finally giving in and trying Align. I avoided it because it's so damn expensive and I thought it was just a big corporation jumping on the probiotic bandwagon. It's also just one strain so I figured some of the multi strain ones would be better. Turns out this is the best one I've tried. The only other one that had such an immediate and obvious effect is the Digestive Advantage brand. But ultimately DA made me a little constipated and just didn't feel quite right. By all means give it a try if money is an issue since it's much cheaper than Align. I also tried Culturelle which is ok but not nearly as spectacular as Align. Align not only reduces gas but makes it less malodorous. I noticed it working within 24 hours. I can't believe such a tiny pill can make a difference. I've been on it about a month. Last week I started drinking Goodbelly probiotics too. They sell it in the yogurt section and this stuff kicks ass too. With Align and Goodbelly combinded, I'm having WAY less gas. This is awesome.

    My other favorite supplement is Carlson's Magnesium Glycinate. Great for moods, energy, abnormal heart beats, and it also gives you awesome vivid dreams. (B6 gives awesome dreams too.)
  • Jim Jagielski - Alabaster perfection!Some may call this product simply "milk", but that is a woeful and shameful label to place upon this intoxicating beverage. This elixer must have been gently drawn from the teat of an angel by trained unicorns. I actually poured some on my Rice Krispies and instead of hearing "Snap", "Crackle" and "Pop" I was instead treated to a vocal arrangement of Handel's Messiah.

    Yes, you only get a gallon's worth for your $45, but a little goes a long way. You will find that a simple 1 fl oz portion is enough to sooth the soul and mend broken bones. Some people also carry a thimble-full to ward off demons and angry trolls. But a word of warning: ensure that the container is placed in its own refrigerator. It does not tolerate the presence of lesser liquids well, and has been know to banish them to Helheim.