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  • Lenora Roberts - Healthy Hair StapleSince using the Aphogee system my hair is extremely healthy, strong(as a rope)and soft(as cotton) which promotes and bring about growth, this is the desire for every woman with natural ethnic hair. It's a great product for all hair types may it be straight, wavy, curly or kinky. If you're into strong and healthy hair then this is the product for you. Love it, love it, love it!
  • Kathleen Allen-greim "curiouser" - Significantly reduced painful bloatingI was having severe abdominal bloating which was very painful and worrisome--it was a new experience for me. A gastroenterolgist suggested I take this for 3-4 months. He suspected a powerful antiobiotic I took several months prior may have stripped my intestines of important bacteria.

    Buying Align online was far cheaper ($28.99 vs $35)than at a local store. I've been on it for two months. I noticed an improvement within the first 7-10 days. I rarely have the bloating now. I'll find out at my follow-up doctor appointment how long I should continue to take it. I may be afraid to stop! Align certainly seemed to work for me.
  • Michael Smith - Well designed, reasonable priceI'm writing the review in the perspective of a MacBook Air (latest generation) user. Additionally, I'm not considering the aspects of the included software since I'm using this drive with Time Machine (and for additional, other storage.)

    The drive comes nicely packaged in a small box with all cables necessary for USB connection -- USB 2.0 or 3.0. My MacBook Air sees the drive as a USB 3.0 device and an informal test of a 5GB file shows a read and write time of less than 1 minute -- very impressive. Note the drive comes formatted as NTFS so a quick HFS+ format was required for me. The drive casing is plastic (would have preferred metal), but it should hold up fine.

    What's interesting about this model is the switchable attachment for the drive. When removed, a standard SATA connector is revealed -- so you can actually use this drive with any SATA adapter and use the adapter with any SATA drive. Seagate also sells perfectly form fitting adapters for Thunderbolt and Firewire -- but for a portable drive of only 500GB these would be overkill for most folks.

    The unit comes with a standard two year warranty -- unfortunately with the recent manufacturing issues the drive makers have been lessening warranties to boost profits. A couple years ago a three or five year warranty would have been included. On the other hand, the overall price for the drive is reasonable for those looking for a 2.5" portable drive. However, power users may want to consider simply buying an enclosure and and OEM drive to save money if you have no need for the included backup software like me.
  • Bonnie Spohn - The Window of The Lord's Return by John ShoreyThis is one of the most riviting books I have ever read. Reading all the scriptures in the Bible back up every-
    thing John Shorey says. For the many of us who have been taught and believed in pre trib theology this book will
    open our hearts and minds to a different belief. God bless John Shorey for writing this book in obedience to
    God's urging.